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Voter id status online in India 2017 track your new application form status here make sure you need to have an acknowledgment number along with you to track your details online india. Do check out the table of contents so that you will get an idea. If you need more information like apply new epic identity card in india 2017 do check out that link. If you were unable to track the status of election identity card do comment here at the end of the post our team will help you out.

Table Of Contents:

Sr.NoTable Of Contents
1.Track Your Voter Id Status
2.If Not Work, Visit State Wide Websites
3.Proceed With Updated State Wide Link
4.Post Your Query - Our Support Team Will Help You Out

  • If you just applied your new epic identity card and unable to find voter id status, in that case please do wait for at least a week to get update in their website database.

voter id status

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • state
  • fathers name
  • District constituency
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1) After that please go through this website to check status.

  • When you visited the above website, please do enter the reference number in order to track the epic voter identity card status online in 2017.

track voter id status

  • After entered the reference number, now click on track status. Make sure to enter the correct reference/acknowledgment number. Missing those details is hard thing to find out the details.
  • That’s it. It instantly display your application form status in 2017. And, you will get to know on what date your epic identity card delivered to your address.

The above information will work 100% include all state’s the following information is for different states !

Voter id plays an important role for every Indian citizen, every state as an individual CEO website that, what we called as electoral CEO official website. 

  • As, we know there are 29 states in India, every state as an electoral office or election commission of particular state.

Each state as own their particular CEO official website. where if you want to apply voter id card online on  state level or if you want to check voter id status online , or register you can check those websites below.

Okay well in order to check voter card status , in different states we share the complete state wide information for you starting with AP !

1) Andhra Pradesh(AP)

Andhra pradesh is recently formed state , the C.M of andhra pradesh and CEO official of election commission of AP are trying to develop the best users interaction to register the voter id card online and to check the voter id status AP in online .

We share the following website please check that website to tract the status of voter id card online and , all latest voter id card information .

2) Telangana(TG)

Telangana(TG) is also the newest state that has formed in june 2 of 2014.

The capital city of telangana is Hyderabad ,  KCR C.M has near to sacrifice his life to get that new state hats off ! The CEO officials website will be launched a new website to track the voter id status(TG) 

  • Website link voter card status check                 telagana(TG) :-

3) Assam(AS)

As , we know that assam(as) is one of the fastest developing state in the india ,  the capital city of assam is dispur , huwahati.

The CEO officials will also launch electoral website to track status and search the name in that website , to apply the new voter id card , application form and all the stuff related to voter id card information !

4) Arunachal pradesh 

Arunachal pradesh , the capital city of arunachal pradesh is Itanagar is well developed city in india.

The CEO officials will also one electoral commission website in order to status of voter card all voter related information

5) Goa(GA)

Smallest state in india capital is panaji, the official website of goa(ga) for ceo electoral search commission is launched in the past 5 years aback and you get all information, register, application form 6.


6) Gujarat (GJ) 

Gujarat (GJ) , is the fastest developed state in a small mean time in india capital is Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad . The PM narendra modi will work as an CM of the state and developed a lot.

The Gujarat(GJ) will also have an official electoral search website to track all the voter id card status information all related to election commission of Gujarat (GJ) 2016.

7) Bihar (BR)

Bihar (BR) capital patna will also give the best information about electoral search , the CEO of bihar officials will launched the website past 5 years back.

Bihar (br) is also one of the start up developing state in india , to check voter id card status

8) Harayana (HR)

Harayan is the north west state in india caital is Chandigarg and Faridabad , it is famous for temples harayana (HR) also launched the electoral search voter id card information related to all voter id card search , you can check it here status of voter id card 2016.

9) Himachal Pradesh (HP)

Himachal pradesh loacted at upper head of india part capital simla ,as himachal pradesh is located near to himalays mountains and it’s temperature is below 20 degrees centigrade.

The Himachal pradesh (HP) will also has an one ceo official website , to find the voter id card status HP and to search for electoral official website is as follows

10) Jammu and Kashmir (jk)

Jammu and kashmir (jk) capital Srinagar jammu, is also loacted in the upper head part of india , the ceo officials will also the electoral search for to find the voter id status jk , and all voter id card online status , the following officail website is as follows 2016.

11) Karnataka (KA)

Karnataka (KA) , the capital city is Bangalore (BG) is one of the finest developed IT sector city in india , the karnataka state wll also one CEO official website for it to find the all voter id status , application form details and all related information to electoral search karnataka(KA)

12) Kerala (KL)

Kerala (kl) capital Thriuvananthapuram is also one f the fastest developing city in india , the ceo officials website will also launch the electoral search epic voter id search information in their website , we will share that website in order to find online status of voter id card , kerala (kl) 2016.

13) Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Madhya pradesh (MP) capital Bhopal and Indore will also launch one of the best website to check all voter id status MP information check here , the website will also give the full information related to voter id status , application form details , the following website information and link is as follows 2015

website link how to check voter id card , MP

14) Maharashtra (MH)

Maharastar MH , the finest capital and most developed city is mumbai , the electoral search will also launch the ceo officials website for all latest information , the following link for website 2016.

15) Manipur(MN)

Manipur MN  capital is manipuri and imphal , the CEO official website for MN is given below to find online status , check application status all latest information the website link is as  2016.

16) Mizoram (MZ) 

Mizoram capital Aizwal ,  is one of the smallest state in india , and it is fast growing it’s population and technology the ceo official will also a new site for mizoram (MZ) and it gives electoral search all information and voter id status MZ information , the following website will give the quick information of what you were searching in online , check out in 2016.

17) Odisha (OR)

Odisha  capital is bhubaneswar, will upper layer of Andhra pradesh , the ceo officials will launch the website to find the voter id status in online and all the information related to voter id card status , application form details and all information , the following website link as follows in 2015

18) Punjab (PB)

Punjab  capital is Chandigarg-Ludhiana , punjabii official language most of the people were educated persons and they know every thing . According to certain strategy in india after delhi and mumbai , punjab is the next place were people will most have an voter identity card , the following website link is as follows in 2015

19) Rajasthan (RJ)

Rajasthan RJ capital jaipur , the offical place were most of the old rulers will rule that place in past years . The CEO officials will launch the website to get all information related to election card status , application form check out the website here

20) Sikkim (sk)

Sikkim capital is Gngtok , the election commission of india will also launch the official website for that the website will give all the information related to election card , election voter id card status , election card status. The following website link for that website is as follows in 2015

21) Tamil Nadu ( TN )

Tamil Nadu (TN) , the capital city is chennai one of the most developed city in india with top it sector companies , the ceo officials will also launch in 2015 one electoral search website to find all voter id , election card registration , all the details regarding that website will also be there . check out the following information

22) Uttar Pradesh ( UP )

Uttar pradesh up  capital lucknow and kanpur , will also launch the website to find all voter id status information in  online , up voter id status  2015 , voter id card status up , eection card details . The following website will give all the informtion related to election card status .

23) West Bengal ( WB ) 

West Bengal (WB) , kolkata is the capital city of west Bengal state 2015 . West Bengal is also one of the developed state in india . The Kolkata officials will also launch the website for election card voter id status , voter id card status and all the information related to voter id card .

24) Delhi (DL)

Delhi(DL) is the Union Territory capital of india in 2015 , the CEO Officials will also launch the delhi electoral search website , to find the election card status check in delhi , new voter card applied in delhi and all the information related to voter id status . The delhi (DL) election card information is as follows .

  • Madhu Sudhan

    forgot vouter card reference id, can u please help me

  • Sheikh Shariq

    Hello sir, I have applied for voter id on 15th Dec reference id is 014bfa08917bf2aee.when I check my status recently it is showing “ur application is under process”.Can u please tell me when the official’s will come for verification of my documents.also after how many days I can get my voter id after verification of my documents? My state is Uttar Pradesh.

  • fahad

    hello sir. My and my wife voter card reference ID no 014a822b6cf7c4116 to 014a82433e8c631f1 is when I Search the track status under process. plz check

  • Satya Narayan Panday

    hello sir, i have applied mu voter id by online and i have not get my voter id card, my Reference number is 014a88f0ffe133e68, when i check my status it showing under process, i have see this message so long day but no happy new i have get. its take so much time, i hope u give a fast action on it.


    Hello Sir, i have applied for voter card on Dec 7, 2016. My documents has been verified. But i am unable to check the status of my voter card. when I Search the track status it is showing “Reference number does not exist or kindly try after some time” so pls kindly help me My ref no 15b5b8ad9a759f51 . State is U.P.

    • Support225


      It will take some time in order to get update in their data base. On behalf of your we track the details and let you know the information asap.



    I have applied for correction in the name on 7th December(ref no: EM16786471).When will i get new voter id with the corrected name.

  • Ritu

    Hello my ref number is
    Its a month gone i have not recieve the voter id card

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      The database might be under updating mode. Please look after some time.

      Support Team


    My reference ID no is 15b8d428bf2bc344 when I Search the track status it is showing like Reference number does not exist or kindly try after some time so pls kindly help me to track my status of my voter id as I have completed the from on 25/11/2016.
    I want now how many day its takes to get my votter id.
    Pls as soon as possible I need voter id any solution

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      The electoral (New Epic Id’s ) will update on every week. You applied on 25th of November 2016. Please look after one week. In any case, if you need any more information do contact us our support team will help you out 🙂

      Support Team

  • Roshan kumar

    Sir, i hv been applied voter card on 25 october 2016. My documents has been verified. But im unable to check the status of my voter card. My ref no S041706185073000008. State is bihar

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      Please wait two to three weeks in order to get updated in data-base.

      Hope it helps.

      Support Team

  • Sudha

    I have applied for voter id & my reference number is 014ad79a4a45peeb3. When am trying to know the status online it shows your reference number does not exists or not processed. Request you to please check.


    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      We need to know the required information :

      1) When you were applied , what date ?
      2) Did you check out the reference number is right ?
      3) In case we request you to wait for two to three days in order to get updated in their site !

      Need any more information. Do contact us or reply to this comment.

      Support Team

  • sandip kumar rout

    sir i applied for voter id card in february 2016. my id is 0145d5011ac7e9ce5. it is more than 6 month. till. it shows your application is under process. my state -odisha.sir when i get my voter id card. how much time will take to complete the process?

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      Hello ,

      Maybe your application was rejected. We kindly request you to contact the CEO Odisha Contact Details.
      They will help you out. In any case, if they won’t help you. Do contact us!

      Support Team

  • Afroz

    0149a853b88e3a6c8 this is my reference I’d and status is showing submitted.can u plz tell me when I will get my voter id.

    • Support Team

      Hello Afroz ,

      Mostly you will receive within a 2 weeks.

      Support Team

  • SIVA. K

    Dear Sir,

    I had been applied Voter id last 3 months back but till now the status showing under process. How many months it will take? because in my state having next month election. Please let me know the status of the same. Ref ID – 0147e680e421c0375

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      We tracked your reference number and it showing as submitted.
      Can you share your ” State Name ” so that we can check on statewide database and let you know , just reply to this comment.

      Support Team

  • Pallavi

    Sir i have filled my form 6 but i have mistaken my D.O.B So how can i edit it

    • Support Team

      Hello Pallavi ,

      Sorry ! You can’t ! We do already mention please be careful while filling out the application form online.
      Here you can make correction changes in existing card.

      Support Team

  • Ruchita Sharan

    I received an sms omessage regarding the dispatch of the following voter ids on 28/6 . However they are yet to arrive the application IDs are as follows-
    Ruchita Sharan application id 111999020
    Kshitij Sharan 111999008
    Akshay Sharan 111999012

  • Nikhil

    I’ve lost my reference id! What should i do now?

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      No need to worry. Just wait fro 2-3 weeks. And, search your number by name. With that, you can automatically get the election identity number.

      Support Team

  • Amogh M K

    My reference id is 157ff658c630725b. I completed the form and submitted it online on 24th may 2016. It has already been 2 months, but I have not received my voters id yet. When I check the status of my application, it still shows me that my application is under process. So, kindly guide me

    • Support Team

      Hello Amogh M k ,

      Your name is not yet added to nvsp database. We kindly request you to wait.

      Patience is appreciated.

      Support Team

  • Ravi

    My reference ID no is 158a733b44bc2847 when I search in the track status it is showing like Reference number does not exist or currently not processed ! Kindly try after some time so kindly help me to track my status of my voter id as I have completed the form on 27th June.

    • VID Team

      Hello ,

      As you have been applied on 27th june , it take any where one to two weeks to added on data base system. Be patience and check it out after some time.

      VID Team