Correction Changes In Voter Id Card : Complete Guide (Updated)


We do already cover the most of the information on how to change your voter id card address with detailed steps on that article have a look so that you will get an idea . Mean while , what are the corrections that you need to make in your voter id card ? , lets say is that correction of your name( surname ) or correction of your address or correction of photo or want to change the constituency from one location to other location with in a same area in 2016. Whatever it may be we are here to share the best of the information related to this article on election card via election commission of india.

Below is the complete steps that you need to look at those so that you will get an idea – know how to track voter id card status here in 2016 , some times the date of birth may be mistakenly printed have a look at those.Welcome to the voter id status list blog , india’s most trusted blog that gives most of the information about voter id card information and other details as well .

Today we are going to share the most of the information about voter id card on how to make necessary correction changes and application form details via online in 2016. Most of the people while filling the voter id card or election card application form in order to get the new voter id card they will make certain mistakes and that result will be ended in getting the wrong voter id card with so many mistakes like address , or your photo or your name or even surname was mistakenly printed on your election card.

Moreover the election commission of india in 2016 , has been planning to implement the newest site , that site will give the most of the information about voter id card and all types of details as well . That site was going to launch in 2016 . Most of the application form details and list of information will be shared over to those like as apply duplicate voter id card and find voter id list of details by name wise and you can also make modification requests on that site too .Once the site was launched we will let you know the complete details to you on how to make all the correction details on that voter id card or election card in 2016.

Mean while below is the content on how to make necessary and correction changes on voter id card or election card . If you have any doubts relate to this subject please do comment here we are here to help you out . We are here to cover the 3 most important correction changes in voter id card have a look , so that you will get an idea in 2015 or 2016 – Find polling booth locations , the application form for correction  of voter id is form 8.



Below we do cover the three most important things and also application form in both english and hindi and .pdf , that you need to make necessary correction of election via by filling the application form , the application form also be listed over here so that you need not to worry to get the application form near by any mesva or any election commission of office in 2016 .  The election commission of india has been panning to implement the correction changes via online once they were established the sites after all that you need to visit the below content on how to correction changes via offline. SITE : Launched check out below content with detailed steps.



Below is the complete step by step information on how to make necessary correction changes with out much effort , the election commission of india has been launched the best version (updated) in order to make the correction change via online by filing the application form on that website – Lost voter id card ?, and if you feel any comfortable while filling the application form via online, then you can check out the offline method that we are just shared over here in 2016 , below.

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1) If you are female and get married and decide to change the name in voter id card then all you need to fill the details of that application form you can make whatever the changes in that online form like date of birth or even photo, below is the website link if you wish to change the details via online in 2016. We do shared the detailed steps as well , have a look at those link first.

2)Check out the link :

3) Now , just fill that application form as shown on the website make sure you are going to make the correction changes in your name or surname of the existing application of election, so don’t make any mistake while filling the application form. Pleas be checked while filling the details online again and again – Know BLO officer contact numbers.

4) Here you goes the main part once you were done , with all the three parts , make sure be checked again of all the three parts that you have been filled the application form . Now , enter in to the 4th part , please be tick on the ” MY NAME “ part as shown in the following information then you will need to enter the details in to that application form at last like place or post office and district .Below is the sample image that you have to check where to fill the details of application form and click on my name in order to change the name. Once you were done you can track the status here.

voter id card correction

5) Now , almost you have done . Now , you will get an conformation message to your email id and mobile number that your request has been taken and we are been working that , once we will conformed you will get an message stating that you voter id card name has been changed and thank you for making the correction changes in your voter id card . That’s it . If you have nay doubts related to this section do comment here we are here to help you out in changing the surname or name.


Below is the offline , method if you feel that above method is kinda but risky for you then you may have to allow at those below proceed in order to make necessary correction of details of voter id card . All you need to fill the details of application form that we are just shared over here. The application form is FORM 8.

1) First step it to download the application form there by itself , or below is the link to download the application form.

2) Here is the link to download the application form :

3) Now , after you have been downloaded the application form , just fill the details and mention on what changes that you need to make in order to correct your name or surname in that form 8. Once you will done that’s it.

4) Now , submit that application form near to any election commission office by attaching the xerox of your national Id Election card , once you will done that’s it . The election commission office will note down your correction changes you will get an conformation message . With in a 2-3 weeks you will get a new voter id card right to your address on that existing one.

As per the rules of government , you need not to make get an affidavit but any ways some people will force you to get the affidavit.If the election commission of office employees will suggest to get the affdivat , you have to get it by checking out near by any gazetted officer . That’s it . Above are the complete correction details of voter id card for name change only .


We are already changed the complete information on this topic , below is the link on how to change the address in voter id card , if you have any doubts on that article do comment there we are here to help you out .

Here is the link >> CHANGE VOTER ID CARD ADDRESS ? 

NOTE : The above application form 8 , can be used whatever only for the purpose of correction of any thing like

  1. AGE
  3. NAME

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