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uttarakhand opinion pollUttarkhand Opinion poll 2017 and survey poll 2017 and exit poll 2017. Here we cover all of the information from all the major sources estimating who is going to win in upcoming elections 2017 online in India. If you have don’t have voter id card not yet you can apply for new Identity card here. Check out the complete information about the Uttarakhand Opinion poll 2017 and Uttarakhand exit poll 2017 and Uttarakhand survey poll in 2017.

In 2017 elections main parties contesting in the uttarakhand elections are:  Uttarakhand exit poll 2017 | Uttarakhand survey poll in 2017 |  Uttarakhand Opinion Poll 2017

  • national congres
  • bharatiyajanata party
  • uttarakhand kranti dal
  • and bahujansamaj party

The present chief minister of the uttarakhand state is harishrawat he belongs to the Indian national congress in previous elections  Indian national congress has won 33.79% of the votes that poled  they have won nearly 32 seats out of 70 seats and leader of the house is harishrawat.And, bahudinsamajwad party has won only 3 seats out of 70 seats and they have won 12.19% votes of the votes poled.

Bharatiyajanata party has won 31 seats out of 70 seats and 33.13 % of the votes poled and it is lead by ajaybhatt in the house.

Uttarakhand Opinion Poll Results: Survey Poll By India Today – Uttarakhand exit poll 2017 | Uttarakhand survey poll in 2017 |  Uttarakhand Opinion Poll 2017

when an Uttarakhand opinion poll 2017 is conducted by the India today – axis BJP may earn 45% of our votes and congress may get nearly 33% of the votes other parties like BSP and ukd(P)   may get 22% of the votes.

As the survey conducted by the India today axis tells that

  • BJP may win the 2017 election easily by getting 45% of the votes,

On the other case the ruling state party may loose its rule by the Uttarakhand opinion poll it may get 18 to 23 seats by earning 33 % of the votes other parties may get;

22% of the votes, – Uttarakhand exit poll 2017.

  • But, for the chief minister post  Harishrawat is supported by the 41% of the voters.
  • The Satpalmaharaj has got 2% of the support.
  • And BS koshyari may won 3% support.

Uttarakhand Opinion Poll Results: Survey Poll By ABP News 

BJP has won another poll survey when it is conducted recently by ABP News-Lokiniti ,| Uttarakhand survey poll in 2017 |  Uttarakhand Opinion Poll 2017.

  • CSDS BJP may get 35 to 43 seats out of 70 seats
  • And BJP may get 40% of the votes.
  • And the ruling party may get 33% of the votes.

According to the recent survey it may get 22 to 33 seats out of the total 70 seats this recent opinion poll was conducted in December 2016 it is from 5th to 12th of that month as per the survey conducted by the ABP News and Lokinti CSDS. Do comment here at the end of the post who is going to win the 2017 uttarakhand elections 2017 your opinion matters for the upcoming elections 2017 online in UK.

VDP associates survey 2017:

Uttarakhand survey poll 2017

BJP is likely to get to the throne of the uttarakhand 2017 elections BJP is likely to get 35 to 43 seats which is perfect majority for the ruling.

And Indian national congress is likely to get 22 to 33 but the people of the uttarakhand want harishrawat as their chief minister as he is the most populous CM candidate with total 19% votes and the second candidate with 13% votes are B C khanduri

Uttarakhand Opinion Poll 2017 Results: Survey Poll By Aajtak 

But according to the survey conducted by the Aajtak and the results of the opinion poll is announced on 14th November 2016 in this survey also BJP is likely to win nearly; Uttarakhand Opinion Poll 2017

  • 38 to 40 seats which is 43% of the opinions.
  • And the INC is likely to get 26 to 31 and got 39% of the opinion poll.
  • And others  got 18% of the opinion votes.

Due to the demonetization effect narendramodi has got huge craze in the country. The people in the uttarakhand supports the decisions of the narendramodi which results in all opinon polls and survey polls, exit polls in favour to BJP,

so they want BJP to win the elections but after some effects  of  demonitesiation  people are not very happy with some of the decisions. Uttarakhand exit poll 2017.

But the opinion poll conducted by the India TV- cVoter  this survey predicts some good results for the congress party as per this survey the Indian national congress may get 34 to 38 seats.

And regain their authority this seats is closely to the majority in the legistature house which is the positive report for the party BJP may get the second spot with 20 to 24 seats which is very satisfactory for the party but it does not get majority other parties may get 6-10 seats.

For the Uttarakhand Opinion , survey, exit poll : Elections 2017 opinion poll conducted by the VDP associates survey 2017. The result as follows:

Party SeatsVotes
Not decided-7%

  • As per this survey which is conducted in 2017 BJP is going to win the elections in 2017 and the current ruling party may loose according to the survey in the 2017 elections is expected to win 24  seats.

In the previous elections conducted in the 2012 the INDIAN National Congress and BJP party had a tough war in previous elections congress has won just by one seat majority.

With 32 seats and BJP has won 31 seats but to form the government it has to tie up with BSP and UKD(p) and some independents helped to establish the government,

This current elections also might have some tough war like the previous elections but all the surveys says BJP is the winner of the election .

  • some opinion polls predicts congress as winner.

while some predicts BJP as winner. Narendramodi and amit shah plays a crucial role in the victory of BJP because of the recent issues happened in India Narendramodi had to declare the solutions to the problem that he has to increase the faith in the people but the people across the country had some gain in BJP party.- Uttarakhand exit poll 2017 | Uttarakhand survey poll 2017 |  Uttarakhand Opinion Poll 2017

There are more chances for the BJP party to win in the elections of uttarakhand and surgical strike also plays some role in the results in the elections the surgical strike in pakistan by the Indian army response to the uri attack done by the pak army during the survey;

BJP has got more opinion poll due to the surgical strike because most of the people think that it is the good decision most of the people in the uttar Pradesh , uttarakhand and in Punjab has said that the prime minister Narendramodi emerged as good leader as a result and also one survey conducted on BJP will BJP  win due to demonetization effect and surgical strike 69 % in the up said yes,

And 76% in the uttarakhand 60% in the Punjab these issues helps the ruling party’s chances.

Recently online poll was conducted in 2017 uttarakhand elections in this online poll 2444 online voters participated


Opinion poll by the Uttarakhand Election News

These opinion poll plays a crucial role in the 2017 elections uttarkhand because before the elections many channels show their report on every channel from the different name it will be shown many times in the channels it shows some authority in the election results.


By the Indiatv the results of this survey are

  • Party     seats    
  • BJP         20-24
  • INC         34-38
  • BSP         6-10


INDIA today group latest Uttarakhand exit poll for Uttarakhand legislative assembly in the election 2017

Party NameSeatsVotes

The elections in the hill state is on Febrauary 15,2017 the elections will be in single phase to select the representatives to its 70 seats in the vidhansabha,

But we cannot exactly predict the outcome of the uttarakhand elections 2017 it could be little tricky but the important thing is it will be a fight to finish the elections congress will work really hard to retain the power in the face of some fortunes in some other states in the previous vidhansabha elections no party has got majority there is tough war.

In the recent times a pre election survey is conduced internally by the uttarakhand ruling congress party and ruling party predicted that they are going to win,

33 seats out of 70 seats in the polls but the congress priesdent Kishore upadhyay predicted that congress is going to win more 10 seats than the opinion poll if the prediction comes true then it will be the biggest victory in the history of state by winning 43 seats.

Uttarakhand vidhansabha elections 2017 : opinion results

Media AgencySurvey DatesINCBJPOTHERS
Uttarakhand post10th jan 201736295
ABP News-lokinti5th jan 201722-3035-43-
India today14th Oct 201626-3138-431-4
India today5th jan 201718-2341-462-6

Region wise vote share in the vidhansabha elections in legislative assembly.


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