How To Write FIR For Lost Any Id Card To Police


Today we are going to share how to write an FIR for losing or lost of your voter id card in 2015 in order to apply for duplicate voter id card . This content is helpful for the people who are searching on how to write an application in the format of fir to police station in losing or to apply duplicate voter id card . (2015) , in order to get verify you need to contact the blo officers , here is the link in order to contact the blo officers  .Government of india is ready to taken action in this type of prerequisites of losing the voter id card and police will also ready to help you in this matter as they consider this is one of the most important task for them as election commission of india giving duplicate voter id card is must.


For the people who had lost their voter id card in any place for that purpose FIR is must in order to get it police station you must write purpose for letter in order to get or application . So , in the below we will show some examples of fir or some samples of fir before you proceed to police station.

How To Write FIR For Lost voter Id Card To PoliceWe mainly discuss here two examples two are similar but mostly two examples or samples will help you . please do check here , and when you are going to police station to apply for fir form in the purpose of lost your voter id card to apply duplicate voter id card . Passport size photo is necessary and identity document like driving license or pan card or aadhar card in 2015

Reason’s of losing your voter card/Any Identity card

  • 1) On some occasion you may be lost.
  • 2)While travelling to other place .
  • 3) Teared off
  • 4) Lost the purse where it present
  • 5) Lost luggage where it present
  • 6) Scratched by my pet
  • 7) Unable to find
  • 8) Lost voter id number on card/Any ID Number

For You :-

The above are some of the reasons may be for you lost of your voter id card in order to write an application form for FIR as in the format of letter.


FIR letter sample or example -1 for lost of your voter id card to apply duplicate 

                                                                                                 Area Name,
Your Name
Mobile Numer
Email Id (Optional)
The Police officer
Police station Name
Respected Sir ,

                     Sub : – Loss of My voter id card – To apply Duplicate Voter id card

while I’m Travelling to (place name) From date i.e ( mention date ) to (mention date ) I lost my voter id card due to heavy rush in the travelling place . I would like to apply the duplicate voter id card with reference number ( voter id number ) please do register in the subject matter of F.I.R in order to get new voter id card .

Voter id number : – xxxxxxxxx

Voter Name : – xxxxxxxx

Thanking you,
                                                                                                 Yours sincerely
                                                                                                  Your name
F.I.R example or sample of loss of your voter id card -2

The police officer
Police Station Name
Respected Sir ,

                 Sub : – Loss of voter id card to apply a duplicate one

My name is xxxxx is working at xxxx company . During I’m travelling from one place to other place ( Mention place name ) I lost my purse on the middle highway I tried to find out but I failed at my point . In that purse I lost one of the most important identity of my voter id card . I would like to apply a new one or duplicate one . Please consider this as my subject matter before FIR it Looking forward from you .

Voter id number : – xxxxxxxx

Voter id name ” – xxxxxxxxx

Thanking you ,
Your name

That’s it ( If you have any doubts please do comment )

Things to kept in mind while applying for duplicate voter id card in 2015


Okay you done on how to write an letter FIR for police station in order to apply for duplicate voter id card . But , there is some other process before you need to proceed to get new voter id card from police .You also need to get the form 002 in order to apply for duplicate voter id card , all you need to click on the below link in order to download the application , once the application is submitted along with your FIR form , then no need to worry at all with in a 2-3 weeks you will get new voter id card , make sure to note that acknowledgment number for your future reference . If you have any doubts please do comment here , our team will respond to it asap.

2) You need to download the  ” Form 002 “.

3) What is form 002 ?

ANS : Form 002 is produced by election commission india for the people who had lost their voter id card in order to get duplicate voter id card this form will use . You must get this form if not just download it from here to download.

How To Write FIR For Lost voter Id Card To Police

4) After download it just attach with your FIR and any identity card like aadhar card or driving license to fir form . Just like as shown below.


That’s it ! After a  some time you will receive the voter id card to your home address !

Sample FIR for loss of voter id card in kerlal , karnataka , assam , andhra pradesh , telangana , arunchal pradesh , uttar pradesh , delhi , madhya pradesh , goa , punjab , gujarat , tamil nadu , nagaland , bihar , haryana , himachal pradesh , rajasthan , sikkim , jammu and kashmir 2015.

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  • Chitra Mishra

    Dear Sir
    My daughter is unable to find her voter ID and she does not remember her voter ID number also. Though I have one slip received during General Elections to Legislative assembly-2015, Delhi, which mentions her Voter ID number as AFQ0634527 and voter serial number as 1103. when I tried to find her voter ID copy by putting this number on ECI site, it showed no details available.
    Please help me how to get her new voter ID.
    Her details are : Swasti Mishra
    254, Kadambari Apartments,
    Sector 9, Rohini,
    Delhi 110085.

  • Akansha agrawal

    sir mera exam hai 10th december ko medical(PG) ka but I lost all my ID proof.. I only have EPIC Number of voter card..

    Please can you help me its very urgent i need a voter card only in 2 days. please sir otherwise i will be unable to give exam..

    please make me a call or rply here please it’s a request 7389470688

  • Soma Das

    Hi. I’ve lost my Voter ID Card in Pune. I am from Kolkata West Bengal. My voter id card is also from West Bengal. I have already filed an General Diary in the nearby Police Station in Pune. I need a duplicate Voter ID Card. What should I do? Really appreciate your assistance


    I have lost my adhar card and voter id cArd and I forget the number of both so how can i write an FIR

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      From here you can find your voter id number by name, Hope it will help.

      Support Team

  • suraj

    Hi mate appreciate your effort for helping people’s

    I have lost my voter ID since I had some mistakes as well in my lost voter ID, so can I go ahead n give a cancellation request of old voter id number and apply for new one with fresh details ?? Please help

    • Support Team

      Hello Suraj ,

      Cancellation process and re-applying again might be time taken process.
      Instead make correction changes in voter id card either online or offline.

      Support Team

  • sanoj

    hello sir, F.I.R is compulsory for apply duplicate voter id card?? i have lost my voter id card at kolkata and my native place is kerala, now this is the problem kolkata police station not acknowledging F.I.R the asking for write general diary is it okay pl advise me very urgent

    • Support Team

      Hello Sanoj ,

      That’s okay ! You really need not worry much about that !

      Support Team

  • Both AP and Telangana governments have reportedly focussed on the arrangements of the identical.

  • Saved as a favorite, I like your blog!

  • Mahesh


    Is there any way to apply for duplicate voter ID card of Uttar Pradesh online or through speed post. I am outside from UP so can’t apply through BLO.

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello Mahesh,

      sorry to let you know that , there is now way to apply for duplicate voter id card via speed post. Either you can apply via online or offline.

      Voter ID Team

  • Mousumi Buragohain

    hi,I lost my voter id card and I need to apply for a new one but my hometown is in ASSAm and currently I am staying in bangalore and also i needed my name on the card correctly with a proper spelling.please suggest what to do??

  • Hi i stay in Pune and lost my Voter ID two days back. My voter ID card is of Nagpur. Now i want to get new Voter ID with my Pune address.. What to do???

    • Just go ahead and apply in pune with new address . If you have old voter id card number , just ask them to cancel the old voter id card and replace with the new one in the address of pune .

      If you don't find the old voter id card number , check out this article , Find voter id card number by name

  • Hello Sir, i have lost my voter id card and also i had to apply for change of address mentioned in voter id card, what i am suppose to do.

    • Anonymous

      Hello ,

      In order to get new voter id card , all you need to take FIR first , then submit the application for new voter id card near to any office . Even though you have been faced any problem just explain those officers related this . Hope you will get answer.

  • I've lost My PAN CARD, DRIVING LICENCE, 1 CREDIT CARD, 2 DEBIT CARDs all at once today. :'( someone stole my wallet! I've blocked my DEBIT/CREDIT cards already and going to write a FIR tomorrow. thanks for your help.

    • Thank you for letting us know that our article was useful to you !

      Voter id card

  • Hello, I must thank to the site for providing detailed information on the subject.
    I have a following query. I have lost my voter id while travelling. The voter id was obtained from maharashtra. Now I am working in Goa state from three years. I want to change the address from.maharashtra to Goa address. To do so I have sufficient documents. So can I apply from Goa or will have to submit from maharashtra. Do I need to submit the details in person or can I send the forms by post or can I submit details online

    • Hello rahul ! Thank you for appreciation on our site ! Regarding your problem , yes , you can apply new voter id card from goa by submitting the valid documents in goa only ( no need of changing the address ) . Submitting the details in online will won't work out for sure . We are recommend you need to submit the details by person in order to avoid any unnecessary problems in the future .

  • Anonymous

    I am a student & I lost my voter card 2 days ago. I don't have any other I'd card like adhar or pan so how can I apply as u mention fir+form 002+any I'd card????? Is college I'd can be takan as a I'd card????

    • Hello mate ! As per your problem , the student Id card is more than enough in order to apply for duplicate voter id card !!

  • My brother lost his wallet few days ago and the worst thing is he doesn't remember his voter id, Aadhar card and driving licence number and he doesn't have any Xerox copy of it. Can we still write FIR? Plz help..urgent.

    • Anonymous

      FIR is not mandatory ! All you need to apply duplicate voter id card again ! If the name is already enrolled in that electrol list , you can apply duplicate voter card ! Or else you can also track aadhar number by your name and take printout of that aadhar ! Get duplicate one !!