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odisha voter listApply voter id card in Odisha(OR) 2016, correction changes, duplicate voter id card in Odisha, search yourname online in odisha, all the application forms related to epic identity card in Orissa 2016 online. Election Commission of Odisha had already launched a website for the people of Orissa to apply for new voter id card online and can also make necessary correction changes like change in date of birth, change in a surname and other modifications changes either via online or offline , search your name and track status of epic identity card online. Below is the complete guide for the users who are seeking for epic identity card details online in 2016.

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1.Registration Process Of New Voter Id - Online/offline
2.Apply Duplicate Voter Id In Orissa
3.Correction Changes - Complete List
4.Track Your Application Form Status / Search Your Name
5.Verification Procedure Of New Voter ID

Apply New Voter Identity Card Online Or Offline – Two Methods ( Online & Offline )

odisha apply new voter idVoter Id / epic identity card application procedure has been divided into two methods via online, and other is via offline. It’s all up to you which one to follow. If you are familiar with online internet e-filling, then go with the online application procedure, if you are not that much of familiar then go with the offline. Whatever both of the methods will work out – Check how to get color voter id card online. Below is the complete step by process online and documents required for new voter id card in orissa.

Step By Step Process: Online New Voter Registration # Method – 1 

  • Now please do read out the guide shared along with the link above.
  • Once you fill out the application form via online. At the end; after submission of online application, you will get an acknowledgment number.
  • Once your application procedure has been verified within a 1 week your new epic identity card will be delivered to your home address of orissa.
  • Below is the offline method do check it out.

 Offline Method: Step By Process # Alternative Method

Below is the manual registration process to register new epic election identity card via offline in odisha. Note that; you must contact the nearest polling booth location or BLO office or election commission of Orissa to apply. Step by step process follows as:

Now, your application has been submitted successfully. With in 2-3 weeks, your voter identity card will be dispatched to your home address. – Updated in 2016

Duplicate Election Identity Card In Orissa: Step By Process

duplicate election cardDue to some reasons most of the people had to go through this situation. Applying or registering new duplicate election identity card had come up with the so many reasons some may lost a card or other reasons may be. Check out a guide on how to apply for duplicate epic identity card online in Orissa 2016.Once you applied for duplicate election identity card via online. Then search your name online wheather your name has been added to the odisha data base or not.

That’s it! Your details will be verified, and then a new original duplicate election identity card will be processed to your address.

If you have any doubts related to how to apply for duplicate voter identity card / epic card, then do contact us or comment at the end of the post our dedicated team will help you out about duplicate epic identity card. Note : Applying for a duplicate card via online is not possible. And there is no portal site was launched regarding that issue.

Correction Changes / Change In Address / Change In DOB / Other Modifications Details

It’s pretty common that while you were filling out the new voter identity card, you can make mistakes and that result in ended up to make correction changes in existing election identity card online. Most of the changes are made in address followed by DOB and surname. Whatever we have the answer for your problem, here go the complete quick links to make necessary correction changes in voter id card in Orissa or Odisha.

Change Address In Orissa

Changing of address is quite common as you may move out to another constituency due to job / married / or may be other reason.

If you have any doubts while changing in an address in odisha(OR), do a comment at the end of the post. Our dedicated team will help you related to this query( change in address ).

Other Correction Changes: DOB – Constituency – Surname

Other correction changes, like a change in date of birth and other changes like a last name , correction in actual name too.

Note: All of the information correction changes in Orissa has been added to that guide do check it out.

That’s the complete step by a process to make required correction changes / address / DOB / in odisha online. If you encounter any problem, do let us know we are glad to help you out related to this query.

Track Status Of New Epic Identity Card / Search Your Name

Once you applied for new voter identity card, then you will receive an acknowledgment number to know the status of voter identification card online. Tracking the status without acknowledgment number is won’t possible in Orissa and other states too. If you have acknowledgment number, then you can check out the below link.

That’s the complete process to know the status of election identification card online in Odisha 2016 online.

Verification Process Of New Epic Card In Odisha Online

As we already covered the point regarding this information about verification of new election identity card in Orissa. In case if you missed it, please do check it out so that you will get an idea.

  • The process of new epic / voter identity card verification depends on how you have been applied either via online or offline.
  • If you have applied via online: Then one of the support members of official election commission Orissa will verify the application forms that you have been submitted.
  • If you have applied Via offline: Then Booth level officers will contact you on confirming the details that you have been presented.

We thought we would cover all of the information regarding election identity card particular to Orissa / Odisha online during the year of 2016 to 2017.

All of the information new epic id card / correction changes / track application form status / verification of card / are written by expert authors.

The above information is valid for all districts , we do also mention the district names check it out so ,  that you can get an idea , The above information is valid in all states in odisha as we do mention some of them as follows please be check it out for complete information angul ,bargarh , bhadrak , balasore , balangir , boudh ,cuttack , deogarh , dhenkanal , gajapati , ganjam , jagatsinghpur , jaipur , jharsuguda , kalahandi , kandhamal , kendeapara , keonihar , khruda , koraput , malkangiri , mayurbhani , nuapada , nabarangpur , nayagarh , puri , rayagada , sambalpur , subarnapur , sundargarh , angul ,bargarh , bhadrak , balasore , balangir , boudh , cuttack , deogarh , dhenkanal , gajapati , ganjam , jagatsinghpur , jaipur , jharsuguda , kalahandi , kandhamal , kendeapara , keonihar , khruda , koraput , malkangiri , mayurbhani , nuapada , nabarangpur , nayagarh , puri , rayagada , sambalpur , subarnapur , sundargarh.

Have you any doubts? Do comment at the end of the post our team will help you out.