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Apply duplicate voter/epic identity card in India. This quick through guide will explain all of the details and lists of information on how to apply for a duplicate epic card. The process of applying voter id card is quite easy all you need to carry out some simple steps that we shared over here. While filling out the application form via online or offline, if you face any problems just make a comment at the end of the post.Our team will help you out – updated in 2016 ).

Who Can Apply For Duplicate Voter Id /Epic Card?
People who lost their voter id card at any time, can apply for duplicate epic card. There are certain steps to apply for duplicate voter id card, and we are going to share those steps with you to apply for duplicate voter id card for the people who lost their voter id card(click here).

Table Of Contents :

1.Who Can Duplicate Voter Id ?
2.Procedure To Get Duplicate Card
3.Most Frequent Asked Questions
4.Post Your Doubt. Our Team Will Help You out


Step By Step Process On How To Apply For Duplicate Voter Id Card 2016

1) Go to nearby any police station and give a complaint the format of ” Hello sir, my name is xxxx, and I lost my voter id card when I’m on public roads I request you to please file FIR to receive my new voter id card or duplicate voter id card.”

Note: Epic Identity card number is mandatory. If you don’t remember your epic number then check out here: Find epic number by name in voter list.


2) Then the police will ask certain information to file FIR, maybe the information will be like, on what date you lost the voter id card? Tell me your voter id card file number or name on voter id card.etc. So, just give them your details and take FIR.

3) After collecting the FIR form from police department just download the form 002 below.

4)What is form 002 represents the government, stating that you lost your voter id card and hoping to apply for a duplicate voter id card. Just download the form 002 form here to obtain the duplicate voter id card from election commission of India.

5) Download the form 002 here 

form 002

6) After downloading the form 002 to obtain the duplicate voter id card online, just fill the form as shown in details there.

7) After filling the form 002 just attach your FIR and any identity card to know that you are a citizen of India. 

8) Likewise as shown in the below format 


9) Now, you did the process go to near election commission office or eseva office and submit the form! That’s it you got within 2-3 days your application will  be reviewed, and duplicate voter id card will be available to you in 2-3 weeks.

Most Frequent Questions Asked                     Questions :

Q.1 : Where should I find the contact numbers of booth level officers?

A: Here you can locate the contact numbers of booth level officers.

Q.2: Is there any possible way to apply online?

A: Online application form is lifted.

Q.3: How many days it takes to delivery the new Id card?

A: Around 2-3 weeks.

Q.4: I have Some more doubts related to this query to whom I can contact?

A: You can comment here at the end of the post. Our team will help you out 🙂

Andhra Pradesh(AP)
To get the duplicate voter id card 2015 in ap, and to check your name in statewide website to get the voter id number go through this website
To get the duplicate voter id 2015 or to apply the duplicate voter id card number to get the duplicate voter id card in telangana and to check your name in the state wide website please be through this website to check your name
To get the duplicate voter id card number or to apply the duplicate voter id card we requested you to please be check the following website as shown in the follows . the website link as follows

Arunachal pradesh (AR)

Arunachal pradesh 2015 if you were from arunachal pradesh and want to get the duplicate voter id card from ar , please be go this website to get along the details . The website details as shown in the following


To get or to apply the duplicate voter id card in gujarat(gj) , please do check the2015 following website to get the information for your voter id card number.
The following website as shown below

Other states 

Bihar(br) : -To get duplicate voter id card or to apply the duplicate voter id card , check your voter id number :-

Harayana(hr) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in harayana(hr) , check your name list to get voter id number : –

Himachal Pradesh(hp) : – To apply for duplicate voter id 2015 in himachal pradesh(hp) , check your name list to get voter id number : –

Jammu and kashmir(jk) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in jammu and kashmir(jk) , check your name list to get voter id number : –

Karnataka(ka) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in Karnataka(ka)  , check your name list to get voter d number : –

Kerala(kl) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in Kerala(kl) , check your name list to get voter id 2015 number : –

Madhya Pradesh(mp) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in Madhya pradesh(mp) , check your name list to get voter id number : –

Maharashtra (MH): – To apply for duplicate voter id in Maharashtra (MH) , check your name list to get voter id number : –

Manipur(MN) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in harayana , 2015 check your name list to get voter id number : –

Mizoram(mz) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in Mizoram(mz)  , 2015 check your name list to get voter id number : –

 Odisha(or) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in Odisha(or) , check your name list to get voter d number : –

punjab(pb) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in punjab(pb)  , check your name list to get voter id number : –

Tamil Nadu(TN) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in tamil nadu(TN)  , 2015 check your name list to get voter id number : –

Rajasthan(rj) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in Rajasthan(rj)  , 2015 check your name list to get voter id number : –

Uttar pradesh(up) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in Uttar pradesh(up)  , check your name list to get voter id number : –

delhi(dl) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in delhi(dl)  , check your name list to get voter id number : –

West Bengal(WB) : – To apply for duplicate voter id in west bengal(wb)  , 2015 check your name list to get voter id number : –

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  • Abhishek Parkar

    my online application for shifting from one constituency to other has been accepted.
    what should I do now?

  • Jzy Dip

    Hello support team I’m from assam…. I applied my voter ID at 2014……i’m not get my voter ID yet…. I’m Dip Timsina from Assam… How to find my I.d in social page……

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  • Hi I found very relevant information here.
    i really appreciate your efforts.

    Please visit for very useful information related to UAN and EPFO India

  • Brajesh Mishra


    I applied for voters ID online, I did visit the tehsildar office submitted every document. however I never received the voters ID card. I have my EPIC no. Earlier it use to retrieve the details of my EPIC on website, now it doesn’t. Whom do I contact? WIll the new application of the voters ID require FIR?

  • ganapathy

    my voter id has got worn out and beginning to get damaged in a few places + my photo is a very old one – can i get a new voter id with my new photo ( i am told colour photo id are also being issued) if yes what ius the proacedure to get a new/duplicate voter id


    I m from haryana.i already change addresson through online form 8 & i received sms & mail for submitting form.but now how i can received or download updated votor card

    • Support225

      Hello ,

      You can track the details here :

      Once you find out the modifiction was done. Then you can download new epic identity card here:

      Support Team



        In track Page it shown your Application is Submitted. Nothing else is shown about dispatch date or any other information regarding dispatch or Download.

        How much time is taken after form Submitting

        • Support225


          It will take around 1-2 weeks to update in their database.

          • VIKAS MITTAL


            it shown application is under process from last 4 weeks . according to your last reply it takes 1-2 weeks but it still under process. kindly tell how i can know the actual position of my updated Votor Card.
            Share any contact Number of Department to call


    I am form Bhowanipur, Kolkata, West Bengal. just fill up the off line form 002 , now where & whom I contact for duplicate voter card?

  • Mamta

    I am from delhi, i lost my voter id card while shifting house in delhi itself.
    So now should i first file an fir and apply for duplicate voter id …then i apply for address change.
    Or i can directly apply for change in address…

    • Support Team

      Hello Mamta,

      No need. You can take a copy of our voter id card here ( This is not an original one ). Then, after applying for address change.

      Hope it will helps.

      Support Team

  • Dhilipan

    I had applied for name correction in my voter ID through online. Details got updated and displayed at the website. How can I get my voter ID card with updated information?

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      You should wait around two to three weeks in order to get updated in their database. Once , it will you will get an information.
      If you want any more information do let us know. Our team will help you out 🙂

      Support Team

  • amit

    My voter I’d card damage in fire kya mujko b for deni hogi

  • indramani gopal

    at Telipalash
    post Tambachhada

  • moi

    I am from assam and I have lost my voter id card in delhi so can I submit 002 form along with fIR in delhi or or do I need to submit in assam?

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      You need to submit in Assam Only. Since your constituency is Assam. Delhi Constituency will won’t accept! Try it once, if they accept that’s fine! But, we recommended applying in Assam only.

      Support Team

  • Rk Hirpara

    Thanks for your article,
    Please clear my doubt on the following points,
    I lost my VoterId and reg FIR also I have my scanned copy of the voter Id.
    My doubts are as follow.
    1. My address as per the voter Id is Mumbai, for Job purpose I am living in Pune (both the cities are in same state maharashtra), Can I apply my card from the Pune location or I have to visit Mumbai location only.

    2. How I will get my card …?? Will they send to my home or I have to pick it up from the its respective office as I prefer to visit the office.

    • Support Team

      Hello Rk Hirapara,

      Thank you for your appreciation.

      1) Even though you were living in the same state, when it comes to constituency it changes. We are highly recommended you to visit Mumbai and apply from your constituency.
      2) The card was usually delivered via courier( mostly in developed cities ), Or they will inform to your mobile number in order to collect the card from nearby election commission office.

  • muhammedali bk

    sir എൻറെ voter id card നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു duplicate കിട്ടാൻ എന്താണ് ചെയ്യേണ്ടത് phot copy പോലും എൻറെ കൈയിൽ ഇല്ല

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello BK,

      Malyalam Wow nice !

      ഹലോ, ഞങ്ങൾ എങ്ങനെ ഡ്യൂപ്ലിക്കേറ്റ് വോട്ടർ ഐഡി കാർഡ് അപേക്ഷിക്കാൻ പൂർത്തിയാക്കിയ ഗൈഡ് പങ്കിടുന്നത് . ചെയ്യരുത് പൂർണ്ണമായ ഗൈഡ് പരിശോധിക്കുക .

      VID Team

  • hi…sir
    my name is koushik das.I live in kolkata at 35/2 B.T. road C.I.T building kolkata-700002.I lost my voter card.I have the xerox copy of my voter card and the FIR.if you give me my dplicate voter id card as soon as possible then i will highly obliged..

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello Koushik Das,

      That was great to know that you have xerox of voter id card. In order to proceed further, we are requesting you to share your voter identity card number.

      Send your voter id card number, reply to this comment or contact us.

      Voter ID Team

  • gyanendra

    sir mera voter id card kho gya aur mujhe uska duplicate kaise prapt hoga

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello gyaendra,

      Go through the above guide you will get an idea on how to apply for duplicate election identity card online.

      Voter ID Team

  • sameena

    Sir I lost my voter id card..
    I have Xerox with me..But the pblm here is I have applied for passport ….. What should I do now???

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello sameena,

      what is the relation between voter id card with passport ?
      Okay ! Let’s assume that ” Voter ID Card ” is used for an identical purpose,
      or Address purpose! The ” ONE ” of the following documents are must !

      1) Aadhaar card ( must and mandatory ).
      2) If you were student ( student ID Card ).
      3) Proof of Date of Birth certificate.
      4) Refeer this link for more information : Passport checklist

      NOTE : Voter identity document is not mandatory for passport ! Xerox is more than enough !

      Voter ID Team

  • DR. Vikas Gupta

    Sir, myaelf Vikas Gupta, resident of plot number 80, sector-Alpha:1 Greater Noida. I’ve lost my voter ID card carrying the number NDT 2570224 in the name of Vikas Gupta S/o Sh. Kanhaiya Lal Gupta of the same address mentioned above. I’ve applied for a P.V.C Duplicate Photo Voter ID card on the 30th November 2015 at distric Tehseel of Greater Noida, District: Gautam Budhha Nagar from the Dadri Constituency 62. But, till now I don’t get my voter ID card! When I go to enquire about it, I always receive a negative reply, or the concerned person found to be absent from his seat. The name of the concerned person is Rahul, who register for new and duplicate Votel ID cards. The receipt number after depositing all the related documents and a photo copy of my original voter ID card is 7808, which was issued to me on the same date when I applied for it. Sir, I’m very tense for it, as it has been a long time to wait for it, my all government work has been lying in a pending state since then. I’ve to iapply for an Aadhar card, Passport etc.. At such a position how can I apply for these. So, I request you to enquire the matter as soon as possible. I’ll be much obliged to you for this kind act, or suggest me the way to get my Voter Card further.
    Thanking You

    Yours sincerely
    DR. Vikas Gupta
    E-80, Alpha 1
    Greater Noida
    Gautam Buddh Nagar
    PIN: 201308
    Corresponding Address
    E-171, Gama-1
    Greater Noida
    M: 9654702981, 9540176837

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello ,

      The Election commission of India needs to take action on this cases ! The employee who was working on the state election commission has don’t have any idea on how to deal with the public. We are seeing this type of complaints all around the web and so many people are contacting regarding this issue. We will forward this issue once the issue is resolved we will mail all your details to your E-mail ID.

      Please be patience , as the number of records, per day more than thousand+.

      So , maybe it’s very hard to check out each and every detail.

      We will let you know the details.

      Voter ID Team

  • Priya Bhakat

    I have lost me voter id card with all my anoter id prove. I have alredy done FIR. Now I have a GD No also. Now what should I attached with the Bellow mentained 022 form. As i dont have any??

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello Priya,

      Once , you have done FIR ! You can now apply duplicate voter id card now. The form 002 is mandatory. If you any problem while filling out the application form mail your details. We will send the complete guide to your email ID.

      Voter ID Team

  • Hello Sir,
    I lost my voter ID last year, but i still have not complaint it to police station, Now i want a duplicate voter ID…
    What can I do? Will police accept my complaint now, and fire a FIR?


  • sir?map
    my voter card is missing last month,now i need voter id card,now what i do, please help me

  • asim

    my voter card has been washed..and now it is not readable..i want my dublicate id card,should i go for f.i.r???

    • If you have voter id number with you , then no need for to go FIR . The FIR is not mandatory ( depends on your location ) we are suggesting to go for apply duplicate voter id card with out FIR by showing your wet voter id . If the election community agrees then you will get duplicate one with in 1-2 weeks . If not you should go for FIR also .

    • Hai i hav list my voter id… But i hav Xerox… Wt i should do noe. To get my duplicate voter id card.

    • Apply duplicate one by filling the application form which was mentioned above .

  • I am from maharstra I can apply duplicate voter Id card in other sate eseva offive

    • No friend ! You cannot Apply In Other State !