Download the Duplicate Voter Card Application Form Here

We just shared the link in order to download the duplicate application form over here . make sure that you need to fill that application form details with out any mistake . Once you done the any mistake you don’t have other choice to make it re correct . After all that you just need to submit the form . Below we just shared the link in order to download the application form . After you download the application form all you need to check out the following application form details on what to fill and what not to fill once you will understand this method . You can easily apply to those . Make sure that you also need to get an FIR form from police department as well . If you want to get an sample fir , you can check it out there as well.

Now , fill that application form with out any mistake most of the people will do so many mistakes while they were filling the application form , the mistakes as follows 

While entering the name
Reason For filling the duplicate voter form
FIR form 

The election commission of india is not yet given full explanation on whether in order to apply for voter id card , whether you need to get an FIR form or not . If in order to apply for voter id card if they  really require an FIR form from police department , you need to get it here . The FIR form at some times is mandatory and at some times it’s not . Depend on the constituency that you are living . Along with that application form you need to attach the new id card as well . The id card may be student Id card or any Adhara card or any card it self will be eligible . So , if you need to know more information about on how to apply for, We share all of the information over here so that you will get an idea.

The election commission of india has launched a different website for the people in india . If you notify the details of the information about voter id card , you also need to came across the ceo of a particular state . The state wide website in order to apply for. Some times the website may not work properly . At that means of times you can log on to the state wise voter card website . Now , if you have found any doubts related to this section  we are pleased to request you to comment here so that our team will clarify all your doubts as soon as possible.