List Of Complete Documents Required For Voter Id Card (Updated)


Voter id status list is india’s most trusted and finest voter id card blog that tends to share most of the information related to voter id card and other information via online in 2016. Here today we are going to share on what are the documents required for voter id card in order to get the voter id card via online. Below is the complete list of documents that in order to apply for voter id card online. The biggest problem for this , voter id card it self declares as an first and basic identity card to get it , but how ? is the documents are mandatory ? if so what are the list of the documents required for election identity card. Below is the complete information ,if you have any doubts related to this section do comment here we are here to help you related to this. Mean while in 2016 , the government declares that , the necessity of documents are not mandatory if voter id card is your first government identity card that you are getting as of now.

  1. Process To Register New Voter Id Card
  2. Download voter id card online
  3. Correction changes in election card

Documents Required For Voter Id CardThe election commission of india , has launched the website for the people in india in order to get the most of the information related to election information. The website link over here , after you have been visiting that site you will get to know the complete other details related to voter id card , like blo officers number , online registration , online application form , and other information will be also shared over there in that website so that you will get an idea. If you have encountered any doubts related to that section do comment here.


1) Basically , if you visit the official central government website main page ,here. You won’t seen an option to upload any one of the identity ( below list ). So , the documents are not mandatory but when you need to apply near by any of your booth level officer , you have to submit the list of address proof if you have and that is mandatory. Note : Whenever you have been applied voter id card via online make sure to collect the acknowledgement number or receipt number or reference number in order to track the voter id card status via online, check out the list of documents required for voter id card


2) Here is the list of documents :


  1. Pan card 
  2. Ration Card 
  3. Driving License 
  4. Health Card 
  5. Passport
  6. Photo
  7. If you were an Employee ( Employee Identity Card )
  8. Student Identity Card 
  9. 10th Class Certificate ( Any Degree Certificate )
  10. Aadhaar Card ( Must Link Voter Id Card To Aadhaar Card )
  11. Birth Certificate
  12. Marriage Certificate
The above list of documents will determine for the purpose of ID of your Indian citizen. Below is the list of address proof that are required in order to verify the details , below are the list of the documents.

  1. Electricity Bill
  2. Water Bill
  3. Gas Connection bill
  4. Passport
  5. Ration Card 
  6. Bank Passbook
  7. AAdhaar Card 
  8. Home Registration Document 
The above are the list of the main documents that are required in order to apply for voter id card via online or offline. If you have any doubts related to this section do comment here , we are here to help you related to this section.


So , if you have any of those documents the process of applying voter id card is quite easy , but what if you don’t have any of this and how to apply for it ? And is there any way to apply for it. If you have come under this category then you must have to visit the nearest booth level office in order to find the information for your query. There by the BLO officer will explain the procedure , mainly all you need to be submit the address proof. Yes , the address proof is more then enough in order to get the voter id card via online or offline. Once you have been submitted that

document , you have to request to fill out the application form , the application form will contains the list information do fill out with out any mistake and submitted there it self. After fill out the application ,note down the acknowledgement number in order to track the voter id card status via online or offline in 2016. That’s it.


1) There are mainly two process of methods for voter id card one is via online and other is via offline. For the two of the methods the above list of documents is mandatory and you must attach any of the following document for the process of registration via online.
2) Official website link here
3) Now, you are requested to fill out the details of your personal information like your name , your address , your surname , fill out the details with out any mistake , if you were did any mistake check out this article – Correction changes in voter id card online
4) Now , attach the photo identity card. Make sure that your photo identity document is must be visible and also attach the address proof.
5) Now , enter all of other information there by itself and click on submit on submitting the details you will get an acknowledgement number or receipt or reference number to your phone number and email ID. Note down your details in order to track the status of voter id card via online in india 2016.


1) Here goes the second method for voter id card via offline , before you need to apply just check out the nearest booth level officers over here an once you find the blo officers then visit to that office.

2) Make sure to check out the at least one identity document and one address proof as per list above.

3) Then the employees who had been working out their will give an application form in order to obtain the voter id card. Juts fill out the details as per your personal information and attach the your photo identity card and list of address proof as well. Once you were done. your details will be saved on the Internet and you will get an acknowledgement number or receipt number or reference number in order to find the status of that application form number.

4) Once you were done successfully , submit the documents that are required in that BLO office , with in a 2-3 weeks you are going to receive your voter id card. Some times it may be take too long time like anywhere between 1-2 months depend on the location that you were leaving and Constitution that you were leaving.

5) If you have any doubts related to this section do comment here we are here to help you out.

One thing that you will need to know that election commission office has been already launched the website for the people of Indian in order to get the complete information on that website , each state has an website in order to find the details by name wise. We do share the complete list of websites over here. The above are the list of the documents that are must and necessary for election card.


Q : Can I apply through ration card ? Is ration card an identity ? 

A: Yes ration card can be both work out as a identity card as well as address proof document. Here is the complete guide on to apply for ration card online in india 2015.

Q: I’m living on a rent house ? How can I submit the address proof ?

A: If you were living on rent hose then must take an rental agreement document form by contacting the gazetted officer and collect the affidavit form.

Q: How much it cost to apply for voter id card ?

A: May be less than 50/-

Q: Where can I find the election commission office near by our area ?

A: We already shared the best of the information related to this , here is the article : Booth Level Officers Contact List here

Q: Can I apply through any agent service ?

A: That’s your wish. If You feel difficulty , in order to apply you can contact an agent. If you were belong to telangana or hyderabad , here is the voter id card agents in hyderabad

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