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Election commission CEO Bihar Voter list of complete details about voter id card. Election commission of CEO Bihar, CEO voter list Bihar , apply for election identity card online , the status of voter id card ,and application form download in online. Election commission Bihar has offered all of the information right from their website. Every piece of information will be listed on the website like as CEO Bihar CEO voter list to apply for voter id card online in 2016. We do cover all of the topics regarding the voter election identity card and election commission of CEO Bihar state list of details as well. Below is the complete information and list of details on how to apply for voter identity card online and offline and CEO voter list and application status of voter identity card online in 2016. If you have any doubts related to this do comment here. We are here to help you out. ( This article was last updated in 2016 ) – Election Commission.

Bihar CEO Voter List Details

voter list Bihar

Found out the election commission  CEO voter list is a kinda bit risky process. We do already share the complete guide on election commission CEO Bihar list to find voter id list by name in Bihar CEO voter listCvoter list is available in on their state-wide website. Here we do share the complete state election commission of CEO Bihar voter list 2016. If you have any doubts regarding in finding out the state CEO voter list, CEO bihar do comment. We will try to help you with this issue and mail you the complete list of details in CEO Bihar voter list. There are two ways to find out the CEO Bihar voter list via online. We share the list of details below about election commission in two formats check it out in 2016.

Via CEO Bihar Official Website

  • Visit the CEO Bihar official website here–
  • Now , click on affidavits.
  • Find out the list of state election list ( available from 2014-2016).
  • Now choose your constitution from the voter list.
  • Choose your location and download the complete election commission of CEO Bihar voter list 2016.

The above is the complete process to download the CEO voter list CEO bihar via online form state wide website. May be you got a little bit confused in finding out the information that you were loking for, here we share the complete list of election details in another method. Below have a look so that you can easily find out the details vai online. Some times the state election commisison  voter identity card list website may not work At that time we are requesting to refresh the web page.

Method – 2 To Know And Download The CEO Voter List Bihar 2016

If the above method doesn’t work and you were unable to donwload the list of voter id card from the different state then here you go an another method. In this method, you have been asked the following details like as voter id card number , voter identity card name , address , and the list of details.

If you have forgotten your election identity card number then here is the complete guide to finding out the election identity card number by name in 2016.

  • Visit the find voter list CEO Bihar link here 
  • Now , Read the complete article that has of  states on that website.
  • Now , choose your CEO Bihar election constituency in that list
  • Enter the details of voter list /Epic number/ name(not mandatory)
  • Now , click on search and find your details in that voter list CEO  bihar 2016.

That’s the above alternate method in order to search your name in that voter list. Once your name has been listed in CEO voter list, CEO bihar via search option then everything was right and your name was successfully added in the election commission of CEO Bihar voter list 2016. What if your name was not found on that voter list search option ?. Then you may found out the information here with out having epic identity card number you can now found your name in that CEO voter list online search via /Name/Date of birth/Age. And , you can found out the details via online with out epic identity card number.

Apply Voter ID Card Online In CEO Bihar- Complete Guide

apply voter id card online in bihar

Apply new voter id card online in CEO bihar(br) in 2016. Applying voter id card in CEO  bihar(br) now a days is very easy process then you think all you need is to fill the application form online and submit. We just share the website below in order to apply or register voterid card online , that is the only website that you can able to apply new voter id card online in CEO bihar(br) in 2016. Not only that you can also track voter id card status , voter id card information, voter identity card verification online. In order to apply election idendty card you need to fill out the application form 6 , for offline process download application form 6 pdf here. Below is the step by step wise to apply election identity card online in india 2016.

1) In order to register or apply new voter id card online ,you must visit the website that we are just shared below. The process of applying or registering CEO bihar voter id card in CEO bihar voter list is very easy process. Check out the official website and done your registration via online in CEO  bihar(br) website in 2016.

2) The website link as follows :- nvsp .in /form6 to apply voter id card online.

3) After you visited that website in order to apply , we are requested you to read all of the guidelines on that website to get an idea.Then you just need to fill the application form. The application form used over there is form 6.

4) Now , fill that application form related to your personal details in order to apply onlien click on submit to get new election identity card online in CEO bihar(br) 2016.

5) After all that , with in a 2-3 days BLO officers will come to your home address and they will verify all your address details , that you have been submitted while you filling the application form online.

6) That’s it ! You almost done ! With in a 2-3 days your new voter id card will be dispatched to your home address that you had given in your state in 2016.

The above is the process of election identity card registration. If you need to apply for voter id card via offline then you must need to check out the offline process in order to apply for voter id card online in CEO Bihar  website.

Voter ID Card Correction Changes In Bihar Online

Most of the people while filling out an application form will make several mistakes like filling out wrong name details, address details, and other mistakes. This quick through guide will  teach you how to avoid such type of mistakes and make all the necessarcy changes in voter identity or election identity card via online. Making necessary changes in election identity card is quite lilltle bit risky process. Below we share the complete list of details and necessary correction changes in voter id card make sure to check out below correction changes list of details and fill out the details via online 2016.

The above are the list of voter id card correction. The election commission of bihar is launched a CEO Bihar website for the people of in order to share all of the details like correction changes , duplicate voter id card and other information as well.

Voter ID Card Status CEO Bihar Online

Once , you were applied for election identity card you can track application status of voter id card. Tracking of election identity card status is quite easy. In order to track the status of election identity card all, you need to have an acknowledgement number. With out acknowledgment number or  reference number, you can’t able to find the status of voter id card in CEO Bihar online below we share the details via online in order to track the status of voter identity card via online.

  • Once you were applied for voter id card , you will get an acknowledgmnt numer.
  • Note down that acknowledgment number or reference number.
  • Here is the link to track the status of voter id card.
  • Once , visited that link fill out the details acknowledgment number in order to track the status of voter identity card.
  • Click on search and find the status.

Here is the complete quick through the guide on to find the application status in CEO Bihar online 2016.

Voter ID Card Verification Online In CEO Bihar

Now , Here is the actual process, voter id card verification will take place. Verification of voter id card, all it taks place in less than 2-5 minutes. There are certain documents that are required in order to verify your details. The documents must be orginal. BLO ( Booth level Officers contact list ) will verifiy all your documents. Booth level officers will come to your howe and they will verify all your details and then after your election identity card verification process will be complete with in 2-3 weeks your new election identity card will be deliverd to your address.

Process of verification :