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CEO Andhra Pradesh Voter list details and other information related to CEO Andhra nic in will be shared over with detailed analysis and steps. Moreover, if you have any doubt related to this section then do comment at the end of the post our dedicated team will help you out similar to this AP CEO and other voter list details – updated in 2016 with utmost accurate details by expert authors in this field on voter list details.

        Table of contents:

Sr.No                  Information About AP CEO Details
1. Application forms/ Online Apply / Other Application Info
2.  Find Your Name In Voter List / Search Your Name
3.    Track Your Application Form Status
4.    Election Commission Office AP / Contact Details / Other Info

The chief election commissioner office in AP CEO already started a website for the people of Andhra Pradesh to share the complete information related voter identity card. The website was launched in the year 2015 with all the necessary details in it. The following post will mainly cover the relevant information related as like applying voter id in ap, About CEO andhra, contact information of CEO Andhra, all application forms that are necessary, find your name in  CEO Andhra Voter List – Only For Andra People.

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Note : All of the information related to  CEO andhra is utmost accurate. Still , if you need any more information related to above content do contact us or leave a comment.

Application Forms / Online Apply / All Details About Application Form

CEO Andhra had shared the complete list of details about chief election commissioner office in AP and related to, which form will be used to fill out the details and which form will be used to make the necessary correction changes. According to CEO Andhra  nic in, we are highly recommended to check out the complete list of information that we are shared over here so that you will get an idea about CEO Andhra voter info and a list of details as well.

All of the information that we are shared over there are accurate and collected the information from CEO Andhra nic in. In any case, if you have any doubt related to above application forms and procedure then you can comment at the end of the post. Our dedicated experts in the filed of CEO Andhra Pradesh voter list, will contact you or reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. Below is the complete step by information about CEO Andhra search your name and CEO andhra voter list details with step by step information as well.

CEO Andhra Voter List / Search Your Name Online

CEO Andhra voters list and search your name online is quite simple. All you need to follow the certain guidelines that we are shared over here. To find the CEO Andhra voter list of electors, there are mainly two methods that we are shared over here. One from, andhra nic in a website and another method is from our voter list data base. Check out the complete guide about CEO Andhra voter list details here.


Method # 1:

In any case, if you were unable to find out the CEO Andhra voters list from method # 1, then please check out the below method # 2. We are pretty sure that you can easily find out the details from the primary method # 1 only.

  • To search your name from Andhra Pradesh Voter list – check out the official guide here
  • Now, all you need to read out the details in that guide and follow the steps that we are shared in that article.
  • You will mostly find your voter identity card details from that info. In any case, check out the method # 2.

The only difference between the method #1 to method # 2 is: you voter list data is retrieved from the local website ( CEO Andhra nic in ) in method #2 and, in method # 1 your voter list details will be retrieved from the nationwide portal site. In any case, if you were unable to find out the voter list details from AP CEO Andra then you can comment your details here at the end of the post. Our dedicated team will help you out related to this query.

Method # 2 :

In the following method, you are about to leave or web page and visit the Chief election commissioner office in AP official site. The AP official website is the only site that a store all of your details via online up to the year of 2016. Your voter list details are referenced from the given step by step details as well.

  • To retrieve the data from CEO Andhra website all you need to visit the official website link here: Official Link Here
  • Now, to find the voter list details from CEO Andhra nic in, you need to choose either assembly constituency or council constituency.
  • All you need to fill out the complete list of details in that search form on CEO andhra nic in Pradesh Voter list website and click on search.

The site will officially crawl all your details and and find whether your name is existed in voter list or not.

That’s the second method. Moreover sometimes your voter list details may not be retrieved from CEO Andhra nic in site in that case we are highly recommended you to go through the website once and search again. That’s the step by procedure to search your name online from AP . Below is the another information about how to track the status, if you were applied just now.

CEO Andhra Status Here / Find Your Status Here

Once you were applied your new identity card from any nic in site or via nearby any election commission office, you will get an acknowledgement number in order to track the voter identity card status in Andhra Pradesh. Below is the complete checklist on how to know your status in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Make sure you have an acknowledgment number/application form number along with you.
  • Now, check out the link here to track voter id status here
  • All you need to enter the details search list and click on track status of application form.
  • That’s it! With in a  seconds your application forms status will be displayed on that screen.

If you have any doubts while you were tracking the application form status. Please be wait around two to three weeks to get your name added in that national service portal website.Still, if you were unable to find out your details then, in that case, you can comment here with your details one of our dedicated members will track the details on behalf of you and send the details to your emails ID.

Election Commission Office AP CEO / Contact List / Other Details

Organization Chart : 

ceo andhra

Here we go the details about election commission office / contact list information and other valuable information about AP CEO. Check out the AP CEO organization details here.

Contact Information : –

Sri Bhanwar Lal, IAS
Chief Electoral Officer
Phone: 040-23457317
Fax: 040-23455781.
E-Mail:- ceo_andhrapradesh[at]eci[dot]gov[dot]in

Sri Anoop Singh, IFS
Addl.AP CEO & Ex-Officio Spl. Secretary to Govt.
Phone: 040-23450833

Sri V.Venkateswara Rao
Addl.AP CEO & Jt. Secretary to Govt.
Phone: 040-23451700
(10.30 am to 5 pm)

Smt A.Sri Devasena, IAS
Dy.AP CEO & Dy.Secretary to Govt.
Phone: 040-23455303

Sri G.Uma Sankar
Asst.AP CEO & Asst. Secretary to Govt.

Sri M.A.Fahim Saberi
Phone: 040-23454438 (Off & Fax)


Note: Andhra Pradesh is the new state in India.Honourable chief minister: Nara Chandra Babu Naidu garu had elected in their state elections. A new Secretariat is under construction. Once it is launched, we will update this article information. Currently, the AP Secretariat is hosted in Hyderabad.

‘H’ Block, South wing
GA(Elections) Dept.
A.P.Secretariat, Hyderabad., 040-23455781(Fax)

For any Election related inquiry, Please call our Help Line.

CallCenter No. 1950

If you have any doubts related to the AP CEO do comment at the end of the post. Our team will help you out.