Apply Voter ID Card Online : A Definitive Guide For New Users


Voter Identity card apply online – A complete guide for  the beginners whoever decided to apply online in India.The following guide will mainly be divided into three categories as we are described in the table of contents below do check it out so that you will get an idea. Applying for new voter/election identity card via online all it takes place in less than 5 Minutes.But, you also be kept in mind that if you make any mistakes, you were ended up in filling the new application form for correction changes.We are requested you to read out the complete guide that we are shared over here below so that you can successfully register your new voter identity card online during the year 2016 – 2017.

Here is the list of table of contents that we are going to teach in the following article have a look at this information so that you will get a brief idea about the online enroll process of applying for new voter identity card online in 2016 – 2017.

NOTE: As we are described above in the list of table of contents, first of all, we would like to teach you how to apply for new voter identity card via Online and then after followed by Offline process. Applying for voter id card online all it takes less than 5 Min.

Table Of Contents :

1.Apply Voter Identity Card Online
2.Mistakes To Avoid While E-filling
3.Apply Via - Offline ( Complete Procedure )
4.Most Frequent Asked Questions

voter id card online apply

But, if you make any mistake while filling the application form you need to wait until the voter identity card delivery to your home and then after you are requested to complete the correction changes application form. If you are not familiar with the e-filling online, then we are kindly requested you to check out the Offline method which is more convenient but the time took process with 100% guarantee in delivery to your home via BLO officers.

For you : 

Step By Step Process To Register New Voter Id Card Online 2016 – 2017 Year

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We are very grateful to you that you are going to be a part of Election Commission Citizen. So, use wise your vote when electing the government in the upcoming elections 2016 – 2017.

  • For the process of voter id card online apply you must visit the official website here: Link Here
  • Now, you will be redirecting the FAQ page where extensive listings featured on that page.
  • Please read out the checklist information before redirecting to the official website to apply for voter id / election identity card online.
  • An application form with an option both in Hindi/English will be displayed on that web page.

Please do fill out the application form without making any mistakes. Do check out the below info mistakes to avoid while registering for voter identity card online details.

  • Now, submit the details and collect the acknowledgment number.

Mistakes To Avoid While Filling the Form – 6 Online

  • Choose the exact location of your Assembly/Parliamentary constituency name.

Don’t add your tagline name in ” Surname Box .” The surname is your starting name that used identify yourself with others. For example:

  • Surname: Pollishetty ✓
  • Name: Raghunath Reddy 
  • Name: Raghunath Reddy pollishetty ✗
  • Surname: Pollishetty ✗
  • If you get confused with the term ” Age as on 1st January “, just neglect that box and chose the ” Date of birth “ It automatically convert into the present age.
  • Your place of birth plays a crucial role. Fill out the application form as per your date of birth certificate. If you don’t have a birth certificate, then fill as per your required details /native place details.
  • Make sure your photo, Your Identity proof, Address proof are attached without any mistakes. If the documents you have been applied are not matched with the form that you have been filled your application might be rejected.

Now, once you have been submitted the form via online, you will get an acknowledgment number to track the status of voter identity card online. Acknlwoedmnt number / Reference Number / Receipt number, must !

Now, booth level officers will verify all your documents proceed the application further. With-in 2-3 weeks your new election identity card will delivery to your address.If you have any doubts while applying for voter identity card online do let us know our dedicated team will help you out related to this query.

That’s the complete process for voter id online apply. If you are not familiar with the e-filling, then do check out the offline method which is more convenient then online process. Check it out 🙂

Apply Voter Id Card Via Offline – Step By Step Process

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The above method is a complete step by step process for the process of voter id online apply. Here we share how to apply for new voter identity card via offline. The difference between online and offline is nothing but, you should personally meet the officers in nearby any election commission office and then submit the application form to them. The government of India had made this procedure very simple for the one who are ready to apply for voter identity card offline during the year 2016-2017.Do check out the following steps to apply / register via offline.

  • Before you need to apply via offline you need to get an application form – 6.
  • Download the application form – 6  both in Hindi and English version available here: Download Here
  • Now, fill out the application form – 6 make sure to follow the rules as stated above.
  • No worries , if you make any mistake just download one more form , from the above link and fill out again.

Now, attach the following documents along with that Form – 6 – Check list of complete documents Here

  1. Address proof
  2. Identity Proof
  3. Passport Size Photo
  • Submit the form – 6 application to nearby any election commission office or nearby any level booth office.

The above is the complete step by step process to apply new voter id card online in India during the year 2016 – 2017. If you have any doubts regarding this issue about how to apply for new election id card, then do comment at the end of the post or do contact us. Our dedicated team will help you out.

Alternative Way To Register New Voter Identity Card Via CEO Website

[the_ad_placement id=”336-x-280-left-bro”]The above two process via online and offline is just more than enough to choose any either of one to register the voter identity card online. But, if you were looking another alternative process apart from the above two methods then you can check out here.CEO: Cheif electoral officer ” every state has an official website which can use to track all the upcoming elections information, Voter Identity card information as well. But, most of the website has and option to apply via CEO official website which permits to their statewide only.

  • So if you were from ” Bihar ” there is an official website for Bihar state, i.e.,
  • You can log on to that website and apply via online. Here we shared the list of all 29 State CEO websites in the below link check out.
  • Here is the list of 29 Official CEO Websites link to apply voter / election identity card online: Check Here

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Once you logged into the CEO statewide website, you can see the following link as : ” E- Registration “ just click on that and choose either of one as per your constituency.

  1. A) Assembly Constituency b) council constituency 

If it is ” Assembly constituency “ just click on that link  and choose ” Form -6 new enrolment “.

Once you fill out the Form – 6, the Booth Level Officer will verify your details and submit your application to election commission of India. Upon completion of verification, you will receive the new election identity card to your address or any one of the BLO employee will hand over to you or inform it to collect the nearest election commission office.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About The process Of New Enrollment:

Most of the people have so many doubts even after successfully filling out the application form. Here is the some most frequent asked questions about the process of new voter identity card enrollment.

Q.1: How much time does it take place to deliver the election identity card to our address?

A: Usually it takes around 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it may take more than a month.

Q.2: Did I pay any Fee?

A: No!

Q.3: What method you would suggest if am unable to choose to apply via online or offline?

A: Offline method! Since you need to worry about it one of the BLO employees will do it on behalf of you.

Q.4: What is the form number do I fill?

A: Application Form Number ” 6 “ is used for the process of new registration.

Q.5: I have some more doubts regarding the process of applying to whom I can contact?

A: No need to worry much about it. Just leave a comment here our dedicated team will help you out.

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  • Shubham Sharma

    Hi, i just wanna know that… In online form filling Can i submit my aadhar card for address proof as well as for date of birth…. Or any other document???

  • Behzad k

    Greetings of the day!
    Sir 2 months back i registered my self and for my family did the registration process but unfortunately forgot to note the reference id for my family though i found my reference the question is hw do i follow up for my family reference no.Please guide.

  • Bharath Sn

    The official website of Form 6 says it has been temporarily closed. Any alternative method to apply online??

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      It opened now. Please do check out once.

      Support Team

  • Zainab Sultana

    Greetings for the day,
    I have applied for my voter id on 30th sept and till now its not showing any details.. dont know whether the process of verification has been started or not… its been 2 months now and am actually worried coz have to take it to my exam hall as an id proof on jan 22nd…. am unable 2 understand wat 2 do..plz guide me n help me in this concern.

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      We definitely help you out. Can you share your acknowledgment/reference number. Just reply to this comment or contact us. Our team will let you know the information as soon as possible.

      Support Team

  • Akshaykumar Yadav

    I have applied for online voter id application since 10 days.
    Now while tracking my status its showing “submitted”. So when will the verification process go on??

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      The verification Process may take 2-3 business weeks. If you need any more info do contact us.

      Support Team


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about how to apply /register.

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      If you need any more information do let us know.


  • preeti kaur

    hi i am preeti kaur.. my voter card has been lost.. i want a duplicate.. my id no.. xgv0149369.. please tell me what should i do and oblige.. my phone no.. 9810193300…

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      Please do check out our guide : What to do If we lost our voter id card ?

      Hope that guide will help you out 🙂 If you need any more information do let us know. We are glad to help you out !

      Support Team

  • Niranjan padhi

    Sar my voter id is missing,please sar give you my new voter id

  • Shantamma

    Hello Sir/Mam,
    Application No: 1473099
    Shantamma here from Bangalore city, I have applied votercard (form6) in Feb 2016, and sent the ERO copy (Normal post) to the respective office in Feb 2016. So far the application status display ‘under process’, When I checked in Election office in July 2016 they said the documents (hard copy) are not received, strange .
    Again in July I re-sent the documents via Registered post to got the acknowledgement. Can you please let me know when I can receive the voter card.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Support Team

      Hello shantamma,

      Note: Strange things are always happens with the government sometimes it goes beyond the stage limit.
      Okay, whatever, we have tracked your application form and it shows as ” Under process “. Normal from the date of you was applied new election identity card it took anywhere between the 5-6 months. And, this process will be done much fast if there are any elections in your constituency.

      Once, we find the necessary details of your election identity card we will mail the details as soon as possible.

      Support Team

  • how can I get a voter id?
    pl let me know

  • Mahmudul

    i applied for voter id (fresh) about 3 months ago…but vo!!! it still says “yor application is under process…….”. what to do ??

    • Support Team

      Hello Mahmudul ,

      You better to contact near by any election commission office and submit the acknowledgment number.

      Support Team

  • V.Vijayakumar

    i need an voter ID

    • Voter ID Team

      Hello ,

      Do check out the above guide, you will get all of the information on how to apply for voter id card online or offline in india 2016.

      Voter ID Team