How To Apply Duplicate Election Card Online


Today we are going to share how to apply duplicate election card in 2015. Election identity card is very must for all the indian citizens. With out that your are not eligible for to vote in elections .Unfortunately some of the people who had lost their election identity card was thinking that they are not eligible for voting in their local areas . Today we came up with the solution to apply duplicate election identity card in online in 2015 It is very easy process to get duplicate election id in 2015 card all you should do is just read this content with each and every step so that you can able to get an idea on how to apply duplicate election identity card in 2015 most cases this method is the only thing that people should look forward in order to avail the duplicate election id card.

How To Apply Duplicate Election Card OnlineGovernment of india and election commission of india has recently launched to apply every thing online . But , to get duplicate voter id card they are fail , you must meet the police station and their should allow certain rules and regulation to get this . We were written highly optimised article for you so that you can able to understand each and every matter and step in detail to get election identity id card . So , be ready to read the following content in 2015.

 Step by step process to get duplicate election identity card in 2015

1) There are certain steps before you need to get the duplicate voter id card. Do read the following steps so that you should understand.

2) First of all you should go to police station and FIR it ” I lost my election id identity card and i would like to apply duplicate id card so that i can able to vote in elections ” You should write letter like that.

For you :-

3) Then afterwards you should download the ” form 002 ” below here.

4) What is form 002 ? How it helpful for duplicate election identity id card.


A: ” Form 002 ” is a special form released by the government of india . People who had lost their voter or election id card should must fill that form in order to avail the duplicate election id card . Below is the link to download the application after all that fill that application along with your personal details and submit that application to near by any election commission office . If you not find the election commission office near by your town all you need to go to near by any online internet center , and verify if they have legal rights to apply for duplicate election card and apply according to it !


5) Download the form here .

6) After download the form 002 . Enter all the details as shown in the form 002 . And , kept that form with you.

7) Now after enter all the details in that form 002 just attach that form 002 with fir.

8) Now , with that two forms attach any of your identical id card like driving license or aadhar card or pan card to verify your address and who you are . If you not understand please do check the following method.


9) Now , take all the forms along with you and go to near by election commission office and submit to them.

10) That’s it with in 2-3 weeks you will receive duplicate election identity card to your home address.

If you have any doubts do comment here so that we can clarify your doubts.

As per government rules the above content can be available to all other states like wise.

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