Voter ID Card Online Registration | Detailed Guide By Experts



Voter Identity card online Registration : Detailed information by our expert authors how to register voter id card online in India or complete process of voter Registration during the year 2016 – 2017 or election card registration via online with a complete guide and detailed of voter list. Voter id status list is one of the top most websites in India related to election commission of India gives all the information related to voter id card. Today we are here to solve all your problems related to voter id card status, application form details, a complete process in Registration of voter id card online.

We do our best in giving the full information on voter id card online Registration or election card registration process in 2016. Please do refer the following table of contents. So that you get a brief idea about the complete procedure. 

The electoral search is also be one of the top India websites that shares all of the information about electoral details on their website like tracking of status and information like newa for election identity card, download of voting identification card, find the details of election identity card by checking out the voter list in that main site.

 Step By Step Procedure For New Election Card Registration

Voter id Registration via online: Is simple yet powerful concept by the election commission of India in 2016(updated) past two years back. Students who are likely want to vote and who don’t have enough time.

  • For the process of online registration all, you need to visit the official website. Below we share the link.
  • Here is the link to, by filling out the application form 6: Check out Here For Online e-filling.
  • You have been redirected to the quick through the guide ( Read complete info, if you make any mistakes while filling out the FROM 6 online your application may be rejected ).
  • Please don’t make any mistakes while filling out the form. If you are done any error, you were ended up in filling the correction changes form.

That’s the complete procedure for the online registration. If you have any doubts while filling out the form, do comment at the end of the post our dedicated team will help you out. Below we share the process of verification if you want to know the complete procedure for the voter id card verification then check out the link here.

Procedure Of Verification

  • Once you were submitted the application, then please do note out the ” Acknowledgment number .”
  • Acknowledgment number is mandatory to track the voter id card status online.
  • Your documents were verified by the Booth level officers, and a confirmation message will be sent to your registered mail / Mobile number.

Process Of Voter Registration: Offline ( More Secure )

People often confuse to choose which method is better for registration of new Identity card. If you are not familiar with e-filling, then we are highly recommended to choose out the “OFFLINE” method which is more secure, and you need not be worry about the delivery. Bcoz any employee will do everything on behalf of you. Here is the complete process. If you need any more information about voter identity card then do check out here. Have you any doubt ? Do comment at the end of the post our team will help you out.

Now, submit that application form nearby any election commission office. You can find out the Booth level officers contact list here.

After as general booth level officers will verify your details and further proceed your application status to election commission office.

Below we share the complete list of comprehensive state websites where you can track the full details about your voter status and other information as well. If you encounter any problems while filling out the form-6 online, do comment at the end of the post our dedicated team will help you out.

voter registration

If you want to register your voter id card from state site the following information is for you check it.

1) Andhra pradesh
Andhra pradesh is one of the fast developing state in india . The election commission of india has recently launched the new voter id card details website in order to register the new voter id card , application form of election identity card and voter registration process . The following website link
website link for voter id card Registration 
2) Telangana 
Telangana is also a part of the andhra pradesh the Honor chief minister had been struggle his life in order to form the new state for the fastest developing and good increase of jobs in 2016. The Election commission of telangana also launched the new official website 2016 for election identity card voter Registration telangana and all information related to voter id card search by name electoral search and application process and track status . The following website gives  information related to electoral search card in 2016.
Website link as online voter identity card Registration , telangana –
3) Assam
Assam is also one of the fastest developing state in India. For the past 5 years back assam election ceo officials launch the electoral search website and all the information related to voter id card online in 2016 voter Registration and complete to guide to election identity card please do check the following website for Registration voter card in assam .
Website link as eection identity
 asssam –
4) Goa
Goa one of the finest state in india and smallest state in india .The CEO officials will also launch the website for the goa local people to access all  the information in 2015 or 2016 related to voter Registration and complete application process .Please do check the website link 
Website link , voter id Registration , goa –
5) Gujarat
Gujarat , one of the rapid technology development under the bjp government in india . DR . Narendra modi ji had developed a lot for the Gujarat state and do himself As a best as he can for the state . The CEO officials will also launch electoral search in 2016 website with the help of election commission of india to give all information related to online  for voter id card and complete guide to gujarat state .The website link is as follows for electoral registration.
Website link as online Registration for voter id card –
6) Bihar
Bihar , the capital state of bihar is patna . Also listed in one of the developing city in state . Bihar ceo officials election commission of india also launched the site for the main purpose of voter id details , and voter identity card on line  . Check out this website for the people who are looking to 2016 register their voter identity card in their own state.
website link is voter id online Registration , in bihar –
7) Haryana
Haryana , people’s place sound pretty good to me . Recently one of our time has visited haryana as for tour purpose , the place is just awesome and people are more friendly in nature . Any ways the ceo officials election commission of india also launched the electoral search for 2015 and 2016 the people and people or students will willing to register their new voter id card can get it their in website . The website will allow to check the voter id status , and all voter application form details , new voter registration online.
website link is voter id Registration , haryana –
8) Himachal pradesh
Himachal pradesh , their is some thing that i would like to say about himachal pradesh , in my personal blog check the personal blog and my view about himachal pradesh . The ceo officials fo himachal pradesh also launched te one new official electoral  2015 website for the people who are willing to register or en roll the new voter card in their perfereed state , the website link is shown below .
website link voter id Registration , himachal pradesh –
9) Jammu kashmir (jk)
Jammu kashmir , the ceo officials will also one of the finest website for jammu kashmir to enrol there new voter id card online in jammu kashimr , the electoral website will give all information related to voter id , check the following website to enroll the new voter id card registration process steps will teach you over there .
website link , online Registration of voter id , JK –
10) Karnataka 
Karnataka , as we know every website is there for every state similarly , karnataka will also one ceo offical website for Registration of new voter id card we requested you to please check the following link to register the new  2015 voter id card online . The karnataka website link as follows
website link is voter id card Registration online ,  –
11) Kerala
Kerala , one of the best visiting place in india , in the south west side in India . The place is very beautiful and most of the cinema shootings will be in kerala only the nature is very pleasant Any ways the ceo officials will also launch the new website to find every information form Registration , to check status if you are from kerala and want to register in online we requested to check this website.
Website link is , online Registration for voter id , kerala –
12) Madhya pradesh 
Madhya pradesh Official people will called as MP 2015 , the members will launch a new website for the people of madhya pradesh to track their status and all the voter information from to status .The following website link is 
website link , online Registration for voter id card ,MP-
13) Odisha 
Odisha , people will also called as orissa , the orissa website  2015 also launch the new voter id card register information website for the people who are willing to enrol their name in online and to check their name , voter id Registration Orissa form will be available here check website link as 
website link , online Registration for voter identity , orissa –


14) Punjab
Punjab , ceo officials also launch the one top server oriented website for the people who are willing to register the new voter id in online , this website might be 2015 help to others for the people who are in  punjab , click the following link to register the new voter id in punjab
Website link is , voter Registration , punjab –


15) Rajasthan 
Rajasthan also launch the one officla website for the people who are willing or enroll their new voter id card oline in rajsatha , the following website gives the complete information for you ,


Website link ,voter Registration online , rajasthan-

16) Tamil nadu 

Tamil nadu is also , one of the south visiting place in 2015 india . Tamil language most prominent language people seek to speak in south part , the ceo officials also launch the website for the voter id Registration , check the following website to register your voter id card online ,


website link is , voter Registration ,-

17) Uttar pradesh 


Uttar pradesh is also one of the finest fastest developed state in india , the  2015 ceo officials will also a website for the people of up , the website gives all information from register to status verify , click on the following link to register your voter id card online in up

website link is online Registration for voter id ,-

18) Delhi 

Delhi , the territory capital city india , launched the official website for electoral search for the people in Delhi , check out this following website for voter id Registration and complete process , if you have any doubts how to register voter id card online please feel free to  2015 comment here we will respond here asap.


Website link is , online Registration for voter id card-

The following website for other states to register voter id card online
www voter id card online 
West bengal –  for voter id card –
Uttarkhand-  for voter id card-
Chahattisgarh-www voter id card online –
Jharkhand- voter id card 
Dadra and Nagar Haveli-
Andaman and nicobar islands
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  • Sandeep Srivastava

    Sir, i am applying for my voter id. please tell me about the documents which i will upload, are correct or not.
    1. For DOB proof- Highschool Marksheet/ Certificate (my birth day is before 1 jan 1985)
    2. For id Proof- Aadhar card/ Bank Pass Book. (which should i upload)
    3. For Address Proof- Aadhar Card/ Bank Pass Book. (which should i upload)

    • Support Team

      Hello Sandeep Srivastava ,

      We posted an article about the complete documents required for voter id card. Please do refer. In case if you need any information do contact us. Our team will help you out.

      Support Team

  • Samaresh Majhi

    Hi Team,

    I submitted form-6 for my wife’s Name & Address change.
    As ID Proof – Old Voter Card & Address Proof – New Ration Card photo copy attached.
    Also I want to submit our Marriage Certificate but unable to do that. So, any issue on this?

    After Form submission got the acknowledgement no.
    So, how much time is required for this new card?

    If any other documents required, you can reply me or email me. I’ll share required documents.

    • Support Team

      Hello Samaresh,

      You need to fill out the correction changes form. But, again you filled out the form 6. You are not registering new voter identity card ( Just want to change the address and surname ). But, we are not sure how election commission of India taken into consideration.

      1) If the employee who is working at election commission can understand that you are ( changing surname / address ), they will delete the old Id card details and further process the new one.
      2) If any chance your application got rejected in that case. Please do fill out correction changes form.

      Support Team

  • Harshal

    I did not get any registration no. After clicking submit button one msg is appearing about checking information. & thats it its not moving fkrward what shld i do ?

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      Due to cache problem in your PC, the redirection won’t worked out. Please do remove it before applying it.
      Moreover if you won’t get any acknowledgment/ reference number. Your application is not submitted. Do apply again.

      Support Team

  • Abhishek Bhandari

    Hello sir,
    First of all i want to say thank you for giving this all information and provide this facility .

    Today I applied for election card as above guidelines on given link .
    How / when i get my voter id card ?

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      It takes less than 2-3 weeks to delivery to your address.

      Support Team


    Dear Sir mera voter ID card abhi tak nhi aaya h Maine 2 baar form bhara h phir bhi nhi aaya h . . . so plz help me . . .


    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      We let you know the details to your email ID.

      Support Team

  • ayush

    I have applied for voter id on
    Please tell me how can I check status of my application.
    Will it be fine if I apply again using

    • Support Team

      Hello ,

      Check out here to track your status. NO ! Don’t reapply again.

      Support Team

  • Sanjay Gohil

    Dear Sir,

    I belong to Gujarat. I am having voter id card but there was problem in name. By using online voter registration option in the website of Gujarat election commision website , correction was done successfully and i had uploaded new latest photo too.. This was done two years back.
    How can i get new voter id card with correct name and latest photo.

    Will you pls guide me.


    Sanjay Gohil

    • Support Team

      Hello Sanjay Gohil ,

      The only option with you left is contact the nearest booth level office, here is the process that you need to follow. Since the website is for educational purpose only and we also collected the information nearby our electoral officer.

      1) First of all, you need to find your voter identity card number if you have no idea how to find voter id number. Then here is the info – find voter id list by name.
      2) Now , you got the voter id number. When you find out your voter identity card number automatically you will get to know the constituency name.
      3) If possible take print out of the card. And , contact the nearest election commission office. Submit the details.
      4) Within a three to four days you will get the new identity card.

      Hope it helps.

      Support Team

  • Ramesh lumbar. C

    I have to apply new voter id card

    • VID Team

      Hello Ramesh ,

      That’s great to know for applying voter id card. Above is the complete guide that we are shared the complete process of election identity card registration via online or offline. Check it out. If you have any doubts while you were filling out the form 6 do contact us or reply to this comment.

      VID Team

  • ramesh singh rajput

    hy sir my name is ramesh singh rajput plese help me on-line voting card.

    • VID Team

      Hello Ramesh ,

      That’s great ! Just read the above guide you will came to know, even though you can’t understand the process of election registration then do contact us. We can help you out.

      support Team

  • my wife belongs to delhi and she has lost her voter id card. now i want to apply online duplicate voter card with all relevant document but i dont know after applying online where i can send all hard copy of these document .pls send address so that i can send these document through post

    PARVEEN KUMAR ,mobile no. 9814613020
    house no. 1685, sector 38 (w), chandigarh
    E-mail :-

    • Support Team

      Hello Praveen Kumar ,

      You can submit the details near by any election commission office in your city or region. If not you can even submit the details via online also.

      Support Team

  • sakthivel

    Enaku voter Id venum

  • Annku voteride kavali