How To Apply Voter Id Card Online In Goa


Voter id status list is one of the top most website in giving the full information related to voter id card under the trust of election commission of india in 2015 . Today we are going to share the how to apply voter id card online in goa(GA) or register voter id card in Goa . This article will complete teach you to apply voter id card online in Goa . So , keep reading this article if you have any doubts regarding this article please do comment we will help you in further process steps that in 2015 or 2016 , below we cover each and every step if you want o know more about on how to apply voter id card online we are pleased too request you to check it out the following content so that you will get an idea . The election commission of india has planning to launch a new website for the people in goa in order to get to know all of the information related to voter id card in goa , to track voter id card status in goa check it out here

Why Goa Government Are Forcing The People To Get The Voter Id Card in 2015

apply voter id card in goaGoa(GA) is one of the fast developing state in India . Even it is one of the smallest sate in India . Government of India will take keep interest to develop the Goa in all places . According to one of the analysis more than 30% of people in Goa who are 18+ are not utilizing the vote responsibility if this continuous there will be several problem in upcoming days mainly in upcoming elections 2015 . The technology has been changing every thing goes on line , in order to get voter id card you need not to got to the election commission of Goa(GA) near by town instead of that you can apply voter id card in online system . This tutorial will help you on how to register voter id card online in Goa(GA) in 2015 .

Step By Step Process On How To Apply voter id card or Register in Goa

1) We are very happy to know that you are one of the members in voter id list . Chose wise in selecting the leaders who will rule the world . It’s your choice ! Choose right Leader in 2015.

2) Every state has one CEO website ( Chief Election commission ) That website will handover all the particulars regarding the voter id card details and register procedure in 2015.

3) For ,the GOA(GA) state the website is named as here :-

4) Click on that website and leads to other page , now check out the following tutorial on how to apply voter id card online in Goa(GA)


5) As shown in the following figure , just click on theOnline applications ” when you click on it will drag you to the some options like include your name , delete your name , correct your record and other list .Just click on the ” include your name ” . Check out the following figure may be this website has been update in 2015.If you have any doubts related to this section do comment at the end of the post. Our dedicated team will help you out as soon as possible.

How To Apply Voter Id Card Online In Goa
6) When you click on the ” Include your name ” it will direct to the application form 6 , just fill that application form 6 in online .
How To Apply Voter Id Card Online In Goa
Tings to kept In Mind When Filling The Online Application Form  
a) Write your name correct , because if you done any mistake you will need to fill the form 7 according to election commission of India.
b) Fill your address complete , don’t mention your friends address or fake address .
c) Upload the latest passport size photo.
d) Date of birth address entered properly.
7) After filling the application form in on line just click on save and submit in 2015.

Check the following links

8) After you submit the application form , BLO officers will come to your home and verify all the details and originals like date of birth certificate and other details .
9) That’s it you almost done with in a one week your name has been added to voter list in a particular state (Goa) and it will dispatch to you with in a one month . This process may be bit faster in upcoming years 2015 or 2016.
Another way to apply voter id card online in Goa(GA) State.

 1) If you not understand how to register a new voter d card online in Goa(GA) . This another method is for you is quite simple then above one .


2) This method will apply not only a particular state like Goa(GA) , but it can applicable to all over India.

3) Government of India has been recently launched the new application procedure for the people who are facing issues in their state websites .
4) The following website is has follows :
5) When you click on that website , just click on the New Registration.
How To Apply Voter Id Card Online In Goa
6) After you register the application , it will open an application form as shown as follows .
7) With in a two to three days BLO officers will check your application status and verify .
8) Less than a month your voter id card is dispatched to you !
9) If you have any doubts please do comment .

The website layout may change in 2015 or 2016