How To Link Voter Id Card To Aadhaar Card Online


Voter id status list is india’s biggest voter id card Blog that tends to share the most of the information about election identity card in india online 2016. Today we came up with the new blog post on how to link voter id card with aadhaar card online in india 2016. Seeding with voter id card to aadhaar card determines that you are nationality of Indian. Get the new voter id card if you unfortunately lost the voter id card with the help of seeding to aadhar card card. Today’s blogpost will share the best of the information on how to feed in between to those. This guide will cover all of the doubts that you have while were seeding or linking up with the aadhar card online. There are five best possible ways to link up with the aadhaar card to election identity card online in 2016- find your epic identity status here online.

The central government was implemented this strategy in the year 2014 , there are so many reason behind this . Some of them like , people will getting the new fake voter id card and try to other in multiple locations in order to elective their local nomination person. This should be offence , but government was unable try to control this type of corruption. So , they came up with this idea in order to to link with aadhaar card in 2016.

If you have any doubts related to this section do comment here , we are here to help you related to this section mean while below is the complete guide with images to link or seed up with the election identity card . If you don’t know your voter id card number , then you may check out this link on find voter id list by name details online here . With that link you can easily get the voter id card number by searching using your date of birth and name. Same as like applicable here , if you don’t know the adhaar card number then you may have a look at those to find aadhaar card number by name and date of birth. NOTE : WE ARE HERE SHARED THE 5 METHODS HAVE A LOOK



1) In order to link up with the election identity card , you may have look at the below website link. It’s the india’s most trusted website that tend to share the most of the information about election identity card like track status in 2016 ,apply duplicate voter id card and other valuable information as well . That site was maintained by the government of india and launched in the year 2016.

2) The website link to feed the information right over here in 2016
3) When you click on that website link , it will ask certain information in order to find your voter id card details in that website for the process to feed your aadhaar card number along with the epic id number. 

Link Voter Id Card To Aadhar Card Online
4) You have to enter this details in order to link up with the uid to id epic number to feed via online , search the details of your voter id card information here by filling the information.

  • Your Name
  • Your Father’s/husband’s/mother’s Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • State to find the constituency
  • District 
Click on search, now you will find your epic identity card information right over there in below, now just click on the ” Feed Aadhaar N.O “
5) Here is the sample image that you will need to know , where to click in order to ” feed your Aadhaar card “check it out.

Link Voter Id Card To Aadhar Card Online
6) Now , when you just click on that link it will open the details of information on a pop up , now just fill the details in that pop up box in order to feed or seed the details via online. Once you were done you will get an conformation information on the screen that your Aadhaar card has been linked successfully. 


That’s it . Your epic voter id card is now linked up with the Aadhaar card via feed Aadhaar option form online. Below is the other three methods in order to link or get attached with the aadhaar information. The above method might be out date , when we are writing this post. But , when we contact the election commission of india , they have been stated that it is going to be added again in the upcoming year so we added that method as our first priority to feed or seed your details via online. If you have any doubts related to this section do comment here we are here to help you out related to this article about feeding eid to uid in 2016.

1) This could be that main website link that will shared over here , this website link has been working fine when we are writing this article. May be in the future the website link to move to other website, at that time we will sure update this article.
2) Website link to feed the details via online :
3) When you open that website , it will ask you to enter epic id and Uid, where epic id means : Voter id card and uid means : Aadhaar card. Make sure to enter the details with out any mistake, and also enter the mobile number and click on generate otp.

Link Voter Id Card To Aadhar Card Online
4) Once you were done , you will get an OTP number to your mobile number, in order to verify the details via online that you were the human reader of that website.Now , after enter the OTP on that website now click on ” Validate the details ” , then you may see the two windows displays your epic id details and uid details and now just click on “seed”. Below is the sample image on how it looks a like.

Link Voter Id Card To Aadhar Card Online
5) Now , you will get an ” successfully message on the screen “. That’s it you are done. Now , you voter id card has been successfully linked up with the Aadhaar card online
The above is the second method, below is the other methods in order to link you voter id card with Aadhaar card via sms service. Above are the online process of information , may be at some point fo time those sites may down or may not been used for further information of details .So , what is the sites were done what is the other option to do so ? Here is the other option in order to linek up via SMS service 
The above online method for the process of seeding may be outdated so , we updated this article to give the most accurate information linking to each other with in a single step. If you have any doubts related to this section then do comment here , we are here to help you out.
1) The process of linking via sms is far by the best method , below is the complete details on how to feed aadhaar card details via SMS , Your details will be feed with in a 5 minutes and you will get an conformation from the central government stated that it has been done.

ECILINK[SPACE] Voter id card number[SPACE] Aadhar Number : Send it to 51969

2) The sms will cost you around 5-7 rupees , once you will send the details you will get an conformation reply message as follows:

Congratulations ! You have just linked your voter id card Aadhar card in less than 5 minutes.

3) Some times , you won’t get the conformation message at that time please do wait for more than 5 minutes in order to get the SMS. Even though you won’t get the conformation message then you may have a to resend again.
If all the above three methods has been failed , then you may have look at this method in order to seed or feed the details via phone call to customer support by contacting them.Below is the contact details to feed the information in 2016.

Make a call to 1950 and ask them to link your voter id card and Aadhaar card , just tell your details and rest will do by their only.

You can call anywhere between 10 A.M to 4 P.M from Monday to Saturday.
If you were failed above all the methods in order to link your details via online , then the below options are for you in order to get link up with aadhaar card.
  1. Contact the nearest blo officer or election commission office or any esva or mesva or any local Internet shop.
  2. Ask to feed or seed your Aadhar card to election identity card
  3. Pay the fees. That’s it.
Most of the people will lost their voter id card due to some circumstances , at that time they may have no idea on how to link , for that purpose we have been shared the article here on how to find the voter id list by name in 2016, Have a look at those article so that you will get an idea on how to feed the voter id card to aadhaar card via online.

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