How To Identify And Make Fake Voter Id


The election commission of india has been planing to take the strict action on those people who are making the fake voter id cards by using the automatic generator. Actually it’s very hard to find the difference between the real voter id card to fake voter id card. Making the fake voter id card is punishable offence. From the past 5 years there are many scammers who were created the fake voter id card via online using some of the software’s generator by creating the identity same as like the original one. Can you estimate by how many fake identity card as make so far approximately ? It’s more than 6+ million so far. The major fact over here is , it’s very hard to find the max difference between the original voter id card to fake voter id card. The central election commission of india , may be taken sever action to those people who are malpractice this by using the special software’s generator in order to create them in 2016

Creating the fake voter id card punishable but as for subject purpose we have been shared the below article on how to make fake voter id card online by using the different software’s. Some of the people who were specialist in this sector will create the new one with out being using any kind of software generator.

There could be so many ways to find whether your election card is fake or real. If you have been applied your voter id card via any agent service , you must need to check out the details weather your voter id card is real or fake. Because just for the sake of money they will do whatever they want to cheat the people using the automatic generator. Not all agents will be like that , but some of them will be honest to their work. Certainly , if you were applied through any agency service then you must have to look at the below steps on how to identify your identity card is real or fake ? by using the some of the methods.

We are always advised you to apply the new voter id card via contacting the actual agents who are honest at their work or contacting the booth level officers to apply and to avoid any problems in future while you were planning to elect the voter during the elections time in india online 2016. Below is the some of the methods on how to identify whether it was real or fake.

fake voter id card generator



1) The best possible way is , if you were applied your voter id card by contacting the any agent near by your area or near by your city then you should ask an acknowledgment number or reference number or receipt number.

2) The main purpose of having the acknowledgement number is to track the status of voter id card. Once you will get the acknowledgment number , you should need to track the status here . If it displays that your election identity card is under process that means you got real voter id card not fake one.
3) But , if it has been displayed as like , then it is fake one for sure and your agent is going to get you the fake one by using any kind of software or any photo shop method only for the sake of money.
Status : Reference number does not exist or currently not processed ! Kindly try after some time
4) Make sure to collect the acknowledgement number to identify the real card before it get on your hands.

1) If you already applied and you got voter id card on your hands right now , all you need to follow this simple steps in order to find the information.
2) Once you got it , all you need do to is find the voter id card number by name.

We are provided the link over here , in order to find the information by entering the epic number right over on that website – here is the link


3) Once you will go through that link ,you will see a list of detailed steps on how to find the details of information via name and date of birth in that website. Once you were entered all of the information in that website and click on search the information ,  then with in a seconds all your data has been displayed in that website at the end of the section. If it is not displayed says as “Data Not Found” 

then it is fake. If it has been displayed , then it’s real.


1) Here goes the another method , if you were no longer access the Internet and have you no idea on how to search the information via Internet. Then you may have to contact the booth level officers.
2) Here is the list of booth level officers numbers , find the nearest BLO officers and contact them by asking the information about your id card. Submit your epic number ( voter id card number ) , with in a fraction of second they will let you know if your details has been saved in election commission of india or not. There by you will get an conformation immediately.

Thus are the above top 3 ways to identify weather your voter id card is real or fake. If you need any more information related to this article , do comment here ,we are here to help you out related to this article.


As we know that the technology has been changing , there is no such means will be not available on the market as now. Below is the some of the best ways that you can create fake voter id card by using any of the software and other means of methods. 

All of the information that we are shared are just by means of an subject purpose and we don’t have any intention to create the fake voter id card for the users in india or other agents as well.


There are plenty of websites that has been available in the market in order to create the best of the identity card with a single click. They just scan the copy of any identity card and create the clone version of it with in a fraction of seconds , here is the list of the websites that offer this service via globally.


Big huge labs can create the any type of fake identity card via online itself. You don’t require any technical knowledge just choose the photo, and then create it in online only


Advanced Id creator is one of the other software that has been using so far and it has been rated as one of the best method to recreate the original one to duplicate one 


Novel tyid is another online website where you can make any kind of free fake service with out costing much on it.

NOTE : Creating fake voter id card is punishable offence , we are just mean to share the information for subject purpose only.

If you recently got applied for aadhaar card, uidai online. Then here is the complete guide to check your uidai status online. If you have any doubts related to the information that we do shared over here do leave a comment here at the end of the post.